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Apffelstaedt, Hoosain and Associates renamed to welcome new associate

The established Apffelstaedt and Associates practice was renamed Apffelstaedt, Hoosain and Associates from 1 March 2021...

Issued by MANGO-OMC 1 day ago

New forensic pathology facility due to open mid-2021

The R287m Observatory Forensic Pathology Institute (OFPI) is expected to come online in mid-2021, if everything goes according to plan...

23 Feb 2021

Viruses can hijack cellular process in order to block immune response

Research has found that viruses that cause diseases such as the common cold, measles, or Covid-19 can hijack an existing molecular process in the cell in order to block the body's antiviral immune response to a viral infection...

22 Feb 2021

EMS drone rescue project in full swing

The Western Cape Government Health's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Drone Rescue Project team was recently deployed to assist with the first drone rescue missions...

12 Feb 2021

South Africa didn't take advantage of its role in Covid-19 vaccine trials: why it should have

Covid-19 vaccine supplies are available in various parts of the world. But it's clear that distribution is not symmetrical...

By Keymanthri Moodley & Theresa Rossouw 10 Feb 2021

Is SA's cannabis industry predicted to become 'green gold' or 'fool's gold'?

Insight Survey's latest South African Cannabis/CBD Industry Landscape Report 2021 carefully unfolds the cannabis landscape in South Africa based on the latest research and information...

Issued by Insight Survey 1 Feb 2021

What you need to know about dementia and diabetes

While there is no proven direct link between diabetes being a direct causal factor of dementia, the number of type 2 diabetes and dementia is rising...

Issued by Livewell 29 Jan 2021

New eucalytptus and menthol formulation has excellent anti-viral properties

South Africans are now able to breathe easier with the new RespiClear Decongestant range from Obel...

Issued by ACDOCO SA 28 Jan 2021

Healthcare marketer - Is your audience engaged online?

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant global lockdowns, many healthcare companies have doubled or even tripled their digital marketing communication. Whilst connecting with your brand's stakeholders...

Issued by Cingulate 26 Jan 2021

UK accused of poaching health workers from poorer countries

Two doctors have written a scathing letter in the South African Medical Journal, criticising the United Kingdom for hiring a disproportionate number of health workers from foreign countries...

By Rufaro Samanga 21 Jan 2021

Vaccine production in South Africa: how an industry in its infancy can be developed

The issue of vaccine production has become a topic of hot debate following the approval of treatments for Covid-19. In South Africa angry exchanges have been spurred by the country's lagging access to Covid-19 vaccines...

By Jeffrey Dorfman & Frank Kirstein 21 Jan 2021

Some key questions answered on Covid-19 vaccines for African countries

Vaccines for Covid-19 are generating a lot of talk. To shed some light on which vaccines are available for countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and how the process will work...

By Ina Skosana & Ozayr Patel 19 Jan 2021

Compound which protects seaweed shields humans from disease too -- studies

An extract of seaweed which protects marine plants from disease has been shown in clinical studies to also help block viruses, prevent infections and inhibit the flu...

Issued by Leap Communications 19 Jan 2021

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