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    As climate change threatens Kenyan tea, millions of workers seen at risk

    Climate change is set to ravage tea production in Kenya, the biggest global supplier of black tea, threatening the livelihoods of millions of plantation workers, a report by British charity Christian Aid warned...

    By Nita Bhalla 20 hours ago

    Beyond data in Kenya: How the right SaaS company can help your business

    With more than 22 million internet users and over 11 million social media users in Kenya, access to digital data is on the rise in the country that continues to be a technological hub on the African continent...

    By Siphesihle Hlela 12 May 2021

    Kenya plans to set up emissions trading system

    Kenya aims to set up an emissions trading system that will allow companies and other bodies to buy emissions allowances as the country strives to limit...

    By George Obulutsa 12 May 2021

    Kenya set to appoint first female chief justice at sensitive moment

    Kenyan judge Martha Koome has defended dissidents and helped to write women's rights into the constitution - now she's on track to be the first female chief justice in a country where the role is particularly sensitive...

    By Duncan Miriri 11 May 2021

    Kenya starts its first national wildlife census

    Kenya began its first national wildlife census on Friday, 7 May, aiming to aid conservation and identify threats to its vast but threatened wildlife populations...

    By Ayenat Mersie 10 May 2021

    As press freedom continues to struggle in Kenya, alternatives keep hope alive

    As we mark World Press Freedom Day 2021, let us remember that 2020 was terrible for the press in many parts of the world...

    By Wambui Wamunyu 3 May 2021

    MultiChoice's Showmax invests in African content for growth

    NAIROBI, Kenya - MultiChoice's online streaming platform Showmax is investing in producing its own local content for African audiences as it competes for their attention against Netflix on the continent, a senior executive told Reuters...

    By Omar Mohammed 29 Apr 2021

    Kenya dairy farmers double income, milk yields with climate-smart fodder grasses

    Researchers have been working with farmers to test ten new varieties of grasses that are higher in protein, lower in fiber and mature faster. They boost both the quality and quantity of milk...

    10 Mar 2021

    In Kenya, electric fences protect forests from human destruction

    What can stop wandering elephants, illegal logging and protect sources of water? Kenyan environmental group Rhino Ark Trust says electric fences. Lots of them...

    By Edwin Waita 26 Feb 2021

    Farmers fight back: Making animal feed from a locust plague

    Kenya is battling some of the worst locust plagues in decades, but startup The Bug Picture hopes to transform the pests into profits...

    By Baz Ratner 23 Feb 2021

    Kenya's Nzambi Matee recycles plastic to make bricks stronger than concrete

    Nairobi-based startup company Gjenge Makers uses recycled plastic with sand to make lightweight and low-cost bricks that are stronger than concrete...

    16 Feb 2021

    Why a sustainable sewerage system in Kenya is vital in urban development

    Two years ago the National Construction Authority said more than 70% of buildings in Nairobi, Kenya were unsafe for occupation..

    By Simon Thomas 21 Jan 2021

    Water solutions to aid the most vulnerable in Kenya

    The Covid-19 pandemic has starkly illustrated how multiple water security risks affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across Africa, Kenya included. The pandemic has compounded the severity of the impacts resulting from water-related climate hazards, such as floods, droughts and cyclones.

    By Simon Thomas 31 Dec 2020

    Kenyan coastal community beats lead polluter in court

    It was touted locally as one of the biggest campaigns of the decade when, in 2016, Kenyan environmentalist Phyllis Omido took up the fight against lead poisoning by a lead-acid batteries recycling smelter...

    By Christabel Ligami 31 Dec 2020

    Public-private partnership grows Kenya's agriculture fortunes in a tough year

    Kenya's agriculture has beaten the odds of a difficult 2020 to end on a high, having registered one of the best growth trajectories across key segments in a long time...

    By Nelson Maina 28 Dec 2020

    Kenya builds its way to 2030 goals

    Amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has ravaged the world economy over the last year, the Kenyan government has continued to make positive strides towards infrastructure development...

    11 Dec 2020

    The 'science of where', or GIS, fortified Kenya's response to Covid-19. Here's how

    The value and potential of geographic information system - or GIS, "the science of where" - has become even more obvious this year as the world responds to the Covid-19 pandemic...

    By Peter Macharia 6 Nov 2020

    Why Kenya's pro-poor health financing reforms miss their mark

    Kenya has made several reforms in recent years intended to expand health service coverage to a wider population, and with a specific focus on the poor, and to reduce financial hardship due to healthcare costs...

    By Edwine Barasa & Evelyn Kabia 23 Oct 2020

    Nairobi's Runda-based SABIS International School sets green building precedent

    The new SABIS International School in Runda, Nairobi was awarded a four-star Green Star Africa-Kenya PEB v1 Design Rating earlier this year. Construction on the SABIS International School - Runda campus started in June 2016 and was completed in June 2018...

    30 Sep 2020

    Builders expands to East Africa with first store in Kenya

    Builders marks its entry into East Africa with the opening of its first physical store in Nairobi, Kenya and the launch of a dedicated Kenyan online retail platform.

    19 Aug 2020

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