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    Why you should expect more Suez-like supply chain disruptions and shortages at your local grocery store

    When the Ever Given container ship choked off traffic in the Suez Canal for almost a week in late March 2021, it made headlines around the world...

    By Nada R. Sanders 12 Apr 2021


    Vaccine delays reveal unexpected weak link in supply chains: A shortage of workers

    The shipment of goods to suppliers has become technologically sophisticated. Delays in getting out the Covid-19 vaccine to people show that the breakdowns come down to something more basic...

    By Anna Nagurney 11 Jan 2021


    Global trade connectivity rebounds, signals recovery from Covid-19 setback

    Trade and capital flows have already started to recover and international data flows surged during the spreading pandemic as in-person contact migrated online, boosting international internet traffic, phone calls and e-commerce...

    7 Dec 2020


    DHL launches air freight service from China to Africa, Middle East

    Leveraging DHL's global network and Dubai's status as a transit hub, the solutions will bridge the current gap in uplift from China...

    22 Apr 2020


    Mitigating Covid-19 risks on the transport, logistics industry

    In the face of decline in international commerce across industries and a stunted global supply chain, what measures should transport and logistics companies put in place to mitigate the complex and ever-changing obstacles this national disaster presents?

    16 Apr 2020


    Coronavirus could threaten global agricultural trade

    "The growing impact of the Covid-19 coincides with the announcement of a 1,4% retraction in our economy as well as a decline of 7,6% for agriculture in the fourth quarter of 2019."

    11 Mar 2020


    Global air freight demand drops by 3.3% in 2019

    The International Air Transport Association has released its 2019 data for global air freight markets...

    6 Feb 2020

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