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    SPIEF'24: Can 'Express-R' transform driver health checks?

    A new development from the National University of Science and Technology MISIS and Russian Railways (RZD) is the "Express-R" device for pre-trip medical examinations.
    Source: SPIEF.
    Source: SPIEF.

    This invention, created with transport-sector employees in mind, was presented at the Russian Ministry of Education and Science's stand at Russia's St Petersburg International Economic Forum (Spief'24) this year.

    Every day, bus and truck drivers, train conductors, and workers from other industries need to take tests for alcohol, and measure their blood pressure, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels. 

    They do this before starting work and after their shift ends. 

    Previously, these examinations could only be done at special medical stations, but now they are available by way of telemedicine. However, it was discovered that infrared thermometers and blood-pressure monitors are not produced in Russia, so they were developed from scratch and put into serial production. 

    The plan now includes using these devices with taxi aggregators like Uber, Lyft, and Ola, and creating a range of domestic devices for personal remote medical care.

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