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Dating apps are like slot machines - A matchmaker saves the day

Research has shown an alarming decrease of users on dating apps and many sincere singles are seeking a safe platform, ensuring personal privacy, as an alternative solution to finding a soulmate or life partner, a “forever after” that promises a rewarding and happy shared future. MatchVIP and its sister dating agency, Perfect Partners, with a stellar brand name for nearly two decades, have been voted Best Dating Agency 2024, for the fourth year in a row. Nothing beats a personal and professional intro service offering, with vetted prospects, and paying a service fee - a guarantee of success!
Dating apps are like slot machines - A matchmaker saves the day

Shannon, owner of these two successful dating agencies, a matchmaker and date/relationship coach (on how to find love and keep it too), collaborates with many psychologists, human behaviourists and experts in the field of dating, relationships and research, proving that dating apps play on human emotions, weaknesses, loneliness, hope and desperation, much like a gambler mesmerised by a slot machine, waiting to hit the illusive jackpot! The bots and algorithms that are supposed to find love for you, really do not care – the humans are too busy watching their shares on the stock markets and plotting to “monetise” their platforms, because nothing is really for free!

A singles community where dating works

Turning to a dating agency for sincere single people and run by dedicated humans, is the answer! This last week of April alone, Shannon consulted with about a dozen prospective new members wanting to join her dating e-club, a community of really sincere and genuine Singles, hearing stories of a loveless life, poor relationships, traumatic experiences and scamming! Desperation and loss of hope prompts these individuals to share with her that they had given up, felt like they don’t belong to the normal community where couples thrive, and almost resigning themselves to a life of “alone and single forever”. She assures them there is “nothing wrong with them”, they just do not know the dating game rules and are not meeting the right people for them!

Dating for single professionals is not only for elite singles

There are common moral codes of conduct, good etiquette, IQ and EQ needed, wherever people seek new dates. Shannon assures them that if they are sincere, stable and intentional about being loved and being lovable, there is work involved and determination to succeed is rewarded. With her team of experts (and many resources) on finding love again, starting over, and a customised roadmap for a dating by design strategy, love will find them! Every pot has a lid and everyone deserves a chance!! A dating agency is not just for the “wealthy” but for people who value themselves, value others and confidently invest in a service for people with a positive attitude. Class is never defined by how much a person has in the bank, it is how they see life and co-exist in their spaces.

Contact us today and find out how it works, what budget suits your needs, and how our matchmakers can change up your dating experience! Submit your profile if you meet our entry requirements, and let’s talk!! There is no obligation to pay until you are comfortable.

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