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Construction through coaching

Business coaching is a discipline that has changed, evolved, and transformed in leaps and bounds since the 1800s. It's been almost 200 years since the term ‘coaching’ was coined by Oxford University. Professional “business coaching,” on the other hand, originated in the 1980’s with Sir John Whitmore.
Construction through coaching

Bringing it closer to home, in the 2000’s, researchers like Sunny Stout Rostron noted that during apartheid, it was “isolated from mainstream professional development due to international restrictions.” It only really began to be noticed by businesses just after the year 2000 – but still as a nice-to-have feature.

For many business owners, coaching is still unexplored territory and what it is, what the value is, and how it works, can still be bewildering. For business owner, Emile van Rooyen of Valostar Steel Construction, the coaching process has not only shown financial results, but it has also provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the processes required to achieve those goals.

According to van Rooyen, “The first GrowthCLUB Meeting that I attended was conducted virtually and, initially, it felt very overwhelming. However, as we started to work with the material such as workbooks and templates, things began to feel a lot clearer. The coaching programme is based on regular weekly sessions, and it requires discipline and diligence from the business owner. The business was not built overnight and taking it to the next level doesn’t happen overnight either. It has taken almost a year to reach 70% of my goals, but the results are already showing and by consistently following the process, we will soon reach the 90% mark. The final phase presents its own difficulties and challenges, with smaller tasks often consuming significant amounts of time. Nevertheless, I have faith in the process and its ability to deliver the desired outcomes.”

The challenges that van Rooyen faced are similar to many business owners' challenges. They were primarily cash flow, but included managing the team and ensuring that they remained motivated. While many business owners approach coaches due to cash flow and financial challenges, it’s important to audit all the business processes to focus on what might be causing these issues. It’s often not what the business owner believes it to be.

“Bringing the right people on board and putting effective motivation and communication systems into place to ensure profitable results has enabled me to stop working excessively long hours and has further enabled the systemisation of project quoting,” says van Rooyen.

ValoStar Steel Construction views the business coaching services cost as comparable to a staff salary. As his coach, I actively participate in financial meetings and interviews, serving as a link within their business chain.

“As a result of our collaboration and other factors, ValoStar Steel Construction have experienced a 300% increase in turnover,” says van Rooyen. “We still have to reach the 100% goal achievement mark, but this alone has provided huge value to the organisation. The coaching experience has proven to be truly invaluable, making every effort and investment unquestionably worthwhile.”

My mission is to work with engaged business owners and leaders who aim to establish exciting, highly profitable, extraordinary businesses. To work within the construction sector with van Rooyen has felt exactly that – the construction of an extraordinary business. Many business owners might feel that coaching is not for them but doing it alone might not be either! Construction through coaching could be just what the business (and the owner) need.

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Business ownership and management can be daunting. This is why we are committed to providing exceptional coaching to businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to enable people to thrive in business – in all circumstances.
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