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    Bombay Sapphire collaborates with local artists, celebrates SA summer with #SawThisMadeThis campaign

    Prepare to embark on a journey through South African creativity like never before as Bombay Sapphire unveils the latest edition of its groundbreaking "Saw This, Made This" campaign. Teaming up with five creators and five expert mixologists, this initiative celebrates the vibrant essence of summer with a fusion of art and mixology. Launched on 1 April, this five-part video series will captivate audiences across various social media platforms and through Media 24, promising a symphony of sensory delights inspired by the South African summer. From culinary innovations to captivating artworks, coastal foraging adventures, fashion statements, and musical marvels, this campaign breaks conventional boundaries, urging individuals to rediscover the beauty and creativity in their everyday surroundings. Get ready to experience the magic of South African summer like never before with Bombay Sapphire's visionary collaboration.
    Songwriter and singer Ami Faku and Mixologist Dumisani Ndlovu
    Songwriter and singer Ami Faku and Mixologist Dumisani Ndlovu

    The series kicks off with a harmonious collaboration between Johannesburg's cocktail connoisseur Dumisani Ndlovu and singer-songwriter Ami Faku. Delve into the intersection of music and mixology as they reveal the inspiration behind their respective art forms, inspiring audiences to tap into their own creative potential.

    Next, renowned Cape Town-based illustrator Yay Abe and Bacardi Brand Ambassador Roxanne Rock take centre stage, as they explore the vibrant streets of Sea Point and draw inspiration from street art to create beach-inspired cocktails that tantalize the senses.

    Viewers will then be transported into the world of texture and flavour with Keneilwe Motha, founder of Neimil, and mixologist Thabang Mokono. Witness the magic as they craft masterpieces out of textiles and cocktails, blending the tactile and the gustatory in a mesmerizing display of ingenuity.

    The series continues with a culinary adventure led by South African chef, food writer, and restaurateur Karen Dudley, alongside bartender Grant Paterson. Together, they share anecdotes and insights into how they infuse creativity into their culinary concepts, using fresh ingredients and unique flavours to elevate the dining experience.

    Finally, viewers can enjoy an immersive experience led by Roushanna Grey, founder of Veld and Sea, and Bombay Sapphire Trade Ambassador Nkuli Khanyile. Together, they delve into the soothing scents of the sea, drawing inspiration from marine flora and tidal pool wildlife to spark creativity in unexpected ways.

    As each episode of the "Saw This, Made This" series unfolds, viewers are promised an immersive experience that transcends boundaries, stimulating the senses and kindling creativity. This groundbreaking campaign, initiated last year in New York and London, is a testament to the dynamic partnership between Bombay Sapphire and visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. Bombay Sapphire urges everyone to stir creativity, as every drop of its liquid masterpiece is infused with the vibrant flavours of 10 meticulously selected botanicals sourced from around the world. These flavours, captured through meticulous vapour infusion, intertwine seamlessly with the campaign's ethos, encouraging South Africans to craft their own cocktails inspired by their surroundings. This collective effort, shared across social media platforms, aims to ignite a spirit of creativity in preparation for World Creativity Day on April 21, 2024.

    All five cocktails created during the series will be available from 21 April 2024 to 19 May 2024 at any La Prada restaurant nationwide.

    Social Media @bombaysapphire | Instagram: @bombaysapphire | Facebook: @bombaysapphire

    Hashtags: #StirCreatitivity #SawThisMadeThis

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