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Circular Economy & Waste Management South Africa

Bold changes unfolding at Propelair

We’ve been embracing positive change in every corner of Propelair – enhancing our products, services, and market positioning.

We understand that true rewards often lie beyond our comfort zone. With this awareness, we were prepared to embrace change wholeheartedly. By facilitating transformations within our systems, expertise, facilities, and markets, we carved a new beginning, mid-year.

Our champions: inaugural markets, new members & promotions

Bold changes unfolding at Propelair

In line with the renowned words of Sir Richard Branson, we nurture a team that will nurture our customers. With technical appointments worldwide, we've bolstered our installation capabilities, broadened our market presence, and enhanced our after-sale service offerings. Our technical assistants play a pivotal role in streamlining operations by managing routine on-site tasks, freeing up other employees to focus on critical priorities, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Additionally, they bring specialised expertise to Propelair, aiding in the implementation of new technologies and proactively maintaining equipment to minimise downtime, thus contributing to customer cost-savings.

Recognising the achievements of our top performers, we've also recently promoted three trailblazers to directorship roles in Commercial, Operations, and New Product Development. Their elevation underscores our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness, positioning them to lead the organisation towards new heights.

Excitingly, we've expanded our presence into the Asian market by hiring our inaugural team members there. This expansion not only advances our global water conservation initiatives but also drives further cost savings, carbon reduction efforts, and improvements in washroom hygiene.

Big players take hands with Propelair

Our story is one of consistent triumphs. With a commendable market adoption rate across our operational regions, we not only take hands with the industry giants but also venture into novel markets.

In the South African market, Propelair has recently been installed at the brand new KFC lifestyle hub in Johannesburg. As the first of its kind on the continent, Propelair now contributes to their goal of celebrating innovation and creativity within the food retail sector. Other notable South African adopters include Hungry Lion, the Pareto Limited property group, Vodacom and PRASA Park Station, South Africa’s passenger rail agency. Additionally, FNB Botswana has embraced Propelair technology and is reaping its daily rewards.

Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair

In the UK market, rapid expansion is evident, with Liverpool Central Train Station now equipped with water-saving Propelair toilets, alongside Lloyds bank and Looe Borough Council.

In the developing market of the UAE, various prominent trials are underway, while established brands like Vox cinema and facilities management services group, Enova are already enjoying the financial and hygiene benefits of Propelair installations.

Our partnership with these leading brands testifies to the advantages of adopting Propelair toilets: water conservation, reduced water and waste expenditure, reduced carbon footprint and energy consumption, improved hygiene and minimised maintenance expenses.

CTA: It Pays to Save! Visit our webpage now to calculate your savings and learn how to purchase a Propelair toilet.

We’ve moved house!

In response to our rapid expansion, we have made a few strategic global moves, with more on the horizon!

The establishment of our new warehouse in South Africa not only solidifies our presence in this thriving region but also offers increased scalability and optimises our logistics, both financially and environmentally. By shortening transportation routes and positioning closer to major hubs, we're not only delivering an eco-friendly product but also advancing greener practices throughout our operations—a core objective we continuously pursue.

Relocating our establishment has also enhanced our efficiency, streamlined operations and reducing costs in alignment with our sustainable business model.
Our unwavering focus remains on what drives us forward: prioritizing our customers and delivering unparalleled, world-class innovation that can be embraced by society at large, to save the planet, one flush at a time.

There is a cat in the bag

Leaving no stone unturned, we're actively integrating cutting-edge automation technologies across various facets of our operations.

With three significant projects in Marketing, New Product Development, and Finance nearing completion, our objective is to deliver additional customer and environmental advantages. The imminent automation of our purchase process promises to elevate overall financial and operational compliance, expedite transaction times, and diminish the necessity for manual intervention. This enhancement will empower our exceptional team to concentrate on more strategic endeavours.

What is the next big thing?

Besides for our entry into the Asian market, we always have a few aces up our sleeve. We’ll be moving and shaking the market in a trail-blazing way, in the upcoming weeks!

Save money, save water! Follow us on:

Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair
Bold changes unfolding at Propelair


In conclusion, Propelair's journey epitomizes resilience, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Our team's dedication to nurturing partnerships with industry giants underscores our ethos of delivering unparalleled quality and service. As we expand our reach into new markets and unveil ground-breaking initiatives, such as our automation projects and eco-conscious practices, we remain steadfast in our mission to revolutionize the industry. With every milestone achieved and every challenge overcome, Propelair continues to pave the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future. Join us in this journey, and together, let's make a significant impact—one flush at a time.

Bold changes unfolding at Propelair

About Propelair

Propelair is an international cleantech company that utilises technology to produce and install one of the worlds’ lowest water-flush toilets. Our innovation replaces up to 7.65lt of water with 70lt of air to achieve an 84% water saving, per flush. We positively contribute and enable our global customers across the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, transport, commercial and industrial markets to change the way the world consumes water. moc.rialeporp@ofni | | +44 1268 548322 (UK) | +27 83 273 5711 (SA) | +971 50 163 1676 (GCC)

Propelair SA
Propelair is an international, London-based cleantech company that produces one of the world's lowest water-flush toilets. Our innovation replaces 9lt of water with a 60lt of air to achieve an 84% water saving, per flush.
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