Ronald Ennik is the founder and CEO of Ennik Estates.
Is the 'sweet spot' for home buying now upon us?

Astute investors know that the basic premise of sound investment is the timing and pricing of the item purchased. In real estate another basic consideration is location...

By Ronald Ennik 25 Jan 2019

Has 10 years of zero growth damaged fundamental belief in property?

Traditionally, property has always been a cornerstone of anyone's investment portfolio...

By Ronald Ennik 22 Oct 2018

Pricing a property is not an exact science

What is the right price of a property? Is it the advertised price? Or 10% lower than advertised? Or even 20% lower?

By Ronald Ennik 15 Oct 2018

How to increase the value of your home without overcapitalising

Homeowners who are intent on renovating and / or extending their homes should take care...

By Ronald Ennik 31 Aug 2018

How 'dominant agent syndrome' poses a threat to sales values in an area

No business sector dominated by a single manufacturer or supplier can possibly serve the best interests of the consumer - and real estate is no different...

By Ronald Ennik 23 Aug 2018

Is higher density in prime residential areas a good thing?

For the past 15 years there has been a gradual but consistent increase in residential density in the central and fringe areas of Sandton and Rosebank...

By Ronald Ennik 30 Jul 2018

It's not about the 2019 election, it's about growth

Sentiment has always been the key factor that drives the residential property market. But it swings like a pendulum...

By Ronald Ennik 27 Jul 2018

Has technology truly diminished the value of estate agents?

"Given the rise in technology, the value offering of real estate agents has fallen - as reflected in their compensation."

By Ronald Ennik 19 Jul 2018

Homes market will shrug off Zuma confidence vote

The state president's widely expected survival of yet another parliamentary vote of no confidence in him should have little or no material impact on South Africa's generally flat-lining residential property market...

By Ronald Ennik 16 Aug 2017

Joburg homes market poised to rise

The Johannesburg residential property market is set for an upturn after a long period of uncertainty and flat-lining prices...

By Ronald Ennik 21 Apr 2017

Commission cutting is not the answer in a market downturn

Estate agent commission cutting on home sales, which was rampant during the 2008 economic downturn, is making a re-appearance in the current residential property market downturn. ..

By Ronald Ennik 28 Mar 2017

Good city governance enhances home values

It is a global real estate fact that well-managed cities that are clean, relatively crime-free, with solid infrastructure and reliable service delivery, invariably protect – and grow– home values within their municipal boundaries...

By Ronald Ennik 14 Feb 2017

Look for capital growth in your home investment

Gauteng homeowners – both existing and aspirant – should not be daunted by the current flat-lining trend in residential property prices, but rather focus on the growth of the capital portion of the investment at the time of purchase...

By Ronald Ennik 8 Feb 2017

Go for a home defect check-up

The concept of professional home inspection is not unlike a routine personal medical examination. It establishes overall state of health and condition, flags areas of concern, and recommends remedial action where necessary...

By Ronald Ennik 18 Jul 2016

Draft Bill on home defect disclosure needs more teeth

The proposed new legislation which requires estate agents to recommend a home inspection to all prospective buyers is a welcome step towards greater transparency in the buy/sell process. But it doesn't go far enough...

By Ronald Ennik 10 Apr 2015

SA homes market reflects racial and religious harmony

South Africa is fortunate to be free of the high-intensity racial and religious intolerance and radicalism that earlier this month led to the death of 17 in the terrorist attack on the Paris satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and to the massacre by Boko Haram of 2,000 people at Baga in northern Nigeria...

By Ronald Ennik 20 Jan 2015

Poor maintenance of roads a threat to Joburg home values

Ongoing poor maintenance of Joburg's decaying suburban road infrastructure poses a real threat to the city's residential property values - particularly in prime areas.

By Ronald Ennik 5 Jun 2013

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