Lee Naik is the CEO of TransUnion Africa.
5 habits of highly resilient businesses

Businesses of all sizes need to get resilient - and quickly. But what does resilience look like?

By Lee Naik 11 Nov 2020

Smart African retailers are rising from the ashes. Here's how

To hear some industry commentators tell it, Covid-19 is going to be the final nail in the coffin of retail as we know it. At best, they're over-simplifying. At worst, they're just wrong...

By Lee Naik 13 Oct 2020

Driving the fintech and regulation success story

Tell me if you've heard this one before. Somewhere in Africa, some savvy entrepreneurs come up with a potentially disruptive solution to a longstanding infrastructural challenge...

By Lee Naik 8 Nov 2019

Going from zero to customer hero means learning to listen

Research shows the majority of businesses are only 'okay' in the eyes of their customers, so how do they bridge this expectations gap?

By Lee Naik 4 Nov 2019

One app to rule them all: Rise of the super app

Now is the perfect time to get in on the super app game, establishing your company as a preferred partner or supplier early on...

By Lee Naik 8 Oct 2019

The no BS guide to innovation

If there's anything that my time as a digital transformation leader has taught me, it's that everyone is a lot iffier about innovation than they let on...

By Lee Naik 26 Sep 2019

FaceApp and the dark side of AI

Terminator and The Matrix got it wrong. We all thought the villains of the AI era would be killer robots or hostile programmes...

By Lee Naik 14 Aug 2019

The digital identity question

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"...

By Lee Naik 6 Mar 2019

Loyal, long-term relationship building with Gen Z

Just when you're starting to get the hang of millennials, here comes Generation Z. Their oldest members may only just be starting to enter tertiary education, but they pack a purchasing punch...

By Lee Naik 20 Jun 2017

A connected digital society is critical for Africa to thrive

Technology developments have had a profound effect on emerging economies in Africa. The widespread adoption of mobile phones in particular has seen a proliferation of new and innovative ways for businesses to reach and engage their customers, and for governments to provide services to their citizens...

By Lee Naik 10 Mar 2017

The future DNA of digital agencies

Aside from the awards, the Loeries is known for networking and the industry conversations they generate on everything from storytelling to stereotyping...

By Lee Naik 8 Sep 2016

New approach arrives Just-in-time to help marketers maximise influence

While the marketing strategy of organisations has changed as a result of the fundamental shift in the consumer's path to purchase, the mission of marketing...

By Lee Naik 2 Sep 2016

Lessons from Rio 2016 - technology versus human spirit

It's over. After two weeks of intense Olympic madness, the Rio games are over and I'm left catching my breath...

By Lee Naik 25 Aug 2016

Four lessons learned from Pokémon Go

The global phenomenon that is Pokémon Go has taken over America. The AR-based smartphone game is now making waves...

By Lee Naik 27 Jul 2016

Can social media predict the future?

House of Cards' latest season may be behind us but the political season is just beginning. As Trump and Hilary square off in the States, and our own political parties square off in the municipal elections...

By Lee Naik 12 Jul 2016

Fulfilling the promise of blockchain

An internet of finance. The renaissance of money. If the previous decade was the age of mobile banking, the next looks set to be the era of blockchain. No other technology has more potential...

By Lee Naik 20 Jun 2016

With technology, there's no need to fear the walking dead

What would you do if you were faced with a zombie apocalypse? With the popularity of fiction like The Walking Dead and World War Z, it's become something of an internet cliché...

By Lee Naik 2 Jun 2016

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