James Siddall

James Siddall

Author, freelance writer, motivational speaker and media consultant
Location:South Africa


James Siddall is a Durban-based author, freelance writer, motivational speaker, and media consultant, contributing to a variety of outlets from The Sunday Independent to Autodealer. He is also the author of the newly launched book Dystopia, which chronicles his battle with addiction. In addition, Siddall undertakes motivational speaking and media consulting. Find him at www.jamessiddall.co.za.
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Mark Mead's message to the youth: "You were born not to fit in, but to stand out."
SA's youth is the solution to chronic unemployment

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics - so goes the old bromide. However, it is common cause that South Africa faces crippling unemployment, notably among millions of increasingly disillusioned, demotivated youth.

James SiddallBy James Siddall 26 Jun 2013

Write on! A freelancer's whinge
Write on! A freelancer's whinge

Ah, freelancing! Wake up at midday, dash off a bit of rubbish and then freeload the night away. But, idyllic as it might sound, being a freelance writer can mean dealing with organisations and individuals like the ones here...

James SiddallBy James Siddall 7 Oct 2010

James Siddall
To pay or not to pay...

The electrifying question of whether or not employees must be paid during load-shedding continues to have an insidious effect on the economy.

James SiddallBy James Siddall 17 Mar 2008

James Siddall
The dog ate it...

Are South African employees more creative than most when it comes to being economical with the truth – or lying as it is better known?

James SiddallBy James Siddall 22 Feb 2008

Into the darkness
Into the darkness

Counting the hidden cost of power failures - or "load-shedding" as Eskom hilariously terms it...

James SiddallBy James Siddall 12 Feb 2008

James Siddall
How to avoid 'netiquette' breaches

Once upon a time corporate correspondence was generally limited to starchy memos generated - at their boss's behest - by steely-haired keepers of the corporate gates. In the past decade or so, that's all changed and with the almost universal advent...

James SiddallBy James Siddall 19 Jun 2007

James Siddall
Of thieves, liars and serial liquidators...

One of the first, fundamental lessons of journalism I learnt - or rather, was taught, which is not necessarily the same as absorbed - was this: avoid the use of the word "I". And do not venture or proffer your opinion unless the piece is specifically...

James SiddallBy James Siddall 4 Apr 2007

James Siddall
The power of babble

The modern corporate world is infatuated with cringe-inducing buzzwords... But what's fascinating - and not necessarily in a good way - is that over the past few years there has been a discernible growth in the use of superfluous and stupid...

James SiddallBy James Siddall 5 Feb 2007

James Siddall
Porn free - abusing Internet access

Not even legendary futurist and science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke could and would have predicted that, with all of humanity's accumulated knowledge no more than a few keystrokes away, by far the most frequent Internet searches would revolve...

James SiddallBy James Siddall 31 Jan 2007

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