Hayden Sadler

Country Manager: South Africa at Infinidat
Location:South Africa


Country Manager - South Africa at Infinidat
A new tiered approach is needed to secure data collected from IoT devices

In order to deliver business benefits, data must be transferred to a storage repository quickly to be analysed...

By Hayden Sadler 13 May 2021

Paying less and paying later for data storage is key for businesses

The current financial crisis is forcing businesses to re-evaluate their decisions and look to flexible financial and consumption-based data storage models to survive...

By Hayden Sadler 15 Apr 2021

Data storage partnerships are crucial going forward

In order to meet the unprecedented spike in online demand for orders and deliveries during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a strong relationship with a data storage vendor has become crucial...

By Hayden Sadler 25 Jun 2020

Your data storage could be costing you customers

Today, many customers, when visiting an online business, expect instant access and 24/7 availability...

By Hayden Sadler 27 Jun 2019

Less green through more data protection?

In IT, there are two goals that contradict each other at first glance...

By Hayden Sadler 11 Apr 2019

Demand zero downtime from your data storage provider

Today, downtime means lost productivity, lost income and potentially lost customers...

By Hayden Sadler 4 Apr 2019

A smart approach to solving multi-cloud storage challenges

Statistics gathered from the Gartner Symposium held in Cape Town in September 2018, stated that 60% of South African organisations use cloud services today...

By Hayden Sadler 15 Mar 2019

New, intelligent storage strategies are vital

Data protection is becoming a priority as governments roll out new data security regulations with eye-watering penalties for non-compliance...

By Hayden Sadler 6 Feb 2019

Will the PoPI Act and GDPR see your storage costs triple?

Data privacy and security is a major focus for businesses, particularly with the imminent rollout of the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act in South Africa...

By Hayden Sadler 20 Nov 2018

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