Harry van Huyssteen

Custodian: Transport Forum
Location:South Africa


    Harry van Huyssteen has a diverse background with experience in training, in senior management, strategic business development and management consulting. His experience spans the private and public sectors mainly in education, broadcasting, IT management, health and transport. He started the Transport Forum almost 11 years ago as a business development initiative for the state-owned arivia.kom. This initiative soon became an asset for networking and content provision in the South African transport sector: www.transportsig.com
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    #BizTrends2018: The king's demand dictates

    Throughput is imperative in business. The challenge is to mitigate barriers negatively impacting throughput...

    By Harry van Huyssteen 11 Jan 2018

    #BizTrends2017: The three hottest trends in transport and logistics

    For businesses and consumers alike, here are the three hottest trends to watch in 2017...

    By Harry van Huyssteen 10 Jan 2017

    #InnovationMonth: Technology's crucial role in developing economic transport hubs

    With innovations like high-speed connectivity, sensors, big data, geolocation and mobile services, transit routes can become the connective tissue that creates stronger communities and...

    By Harry van Huyssteen 29 Sep 2016

    Big Data to spur more efficient, more reliable public transport

    South Africa is battling some unique challenges in the field of public transport: the legacies of historical urban planning programmes, complex inter-relationships of formal and informal travel systems...

    By Harry van Huyssteen 21 Sep 2016

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