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Data costs are preventing African consumers from taking full advantage of the crypto economy

Cryptocurrencies offer a financial lifeline to people excluded from the formal financial economy and to those living in oppressive political or economic regimes. Digital private currencies allow individuals to move their money across national borders with minimal interference from confiscatory states.

By Bronwyn Williams 13 hours ago

Ecobank named ‘Best Retail Bank in Africa’ at African Banker Awards. (Source: Ecobank)
African Banker Awards names Ecobank 'Best Retail Bank in Africa'

The prestigious African Banker Awards has named Ecobank the Best Retail Bank in Africa for 2019.

2 days ago

Kids are becoming more active adopters of e-commerce sites
Kids are becoming more active adopters of e-commerce sites

Children are becoming more active adopters of e-commerce sites. Their interest in online shopping has more than tripled in the last 12 months - from 2% to 9%. This is according to Kaspersky's annual report on kids' safety, which is based on anonymised statistics from Kaspersky products with parental control functionality.

14 Jun 2019

Dee Chetty, Accenture Interactive Lead for Africa.
The future of customer personalisation lies with AI

As we move to the digital world, which offers an explosive number of options, many companies have lost the personalisation that customers appreciate in their offline world; personalisation where a merchant recognises them by name, remembers their preferences, and uses that understanding to help them make decisions.

By Dee Chetty 14 Jun 2019

How CRM can add measurable value to your brand
How CRM can add measurable value to your brand

Customer relationship marketing (CRM) is an important tool to help turn your marketing campaigns into a success. With this tool, repetitive tasks are automated, freeing up time for teams to engage with tasks, that are more demanding to meet business objectives.

By Michael Gullan 13 Jun 2019

Lab-grown dairy: The next food frontier
Lab-grown dairy: The next food frontier

Lab-grown meat is getting a lot of attention along with plant-based meat substitutes. Technology is driving the industry toward providing alternatives to conventionally produced food products. Dairy proteins may be the next product produced in a lab, for use in fluid "milk" production and processed dairy products like yogurt and cheese, to name a few.

By Michael von Massow and Mitchell Gingerich 13 Jun 2019

Daniel Acton, regional tech lead, Google Cloud.
How Nomanini built its remote POS voucher platform

The World Bank estimates that 66% of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have bank accounts. Instead, they rely on cash and other methods (such as prepaid vouchers) to buy services ranging from airtime, electricity, and insurance, to goods at informal markets.

13 Jun 2019