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SABC: Did Tshabalala lie about her qualifications?

According to a Mail & Guardian report, parliament's oversight committee on communication has said that SABC chairperson Ellen Tshabalala has failed to provide proof of her qualifications to the committee, which has now set up an inquiry that is expected to begin on 16 September. Mail & Guardian reports Tshabalala is "likely to be suspended from the SABC board during the investigation as proposed by the Democratic Alliance (DA). However, the committee will only make the call on her suspension at its next meeting on September 16."

Mail & Guardian also reports that DA MP, Gavin Davis who requested that the portfolio committee investigate the matter welcomed the decision to conduct a formal inquiry and quotes him as saying: "There is strong prima facie evidence that Ms Tshabalala lied to Parliament about her qualifications during the application process."

In the curriculum vitae submitted to Parliament, according to Mail & Guardian, Tshabalala claimed to have a B.Com and diploma in labour relations from UNISA, but a letter from UNISA's legal department, in the DA's possession, indicates that Tshabalala has neither a degree nor diploma from UNISA, said Davis, according to Mail & Guardian. Read the full report: Parliament launches inquiry into Tshabalala qualifications...
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Narian Chengiah Naidoo
What more uneducated idiots claiming to have qualifications for which they never studied for. These people can only be from the Association of National Criminals.
Posted on 11 Sep 2014 08:11
Narian Chengiah Naidoo
It seems to be the culture of most of the people appointed by the African National Congress to lie about their qualifications.
Posted on 16 Sep 2014 12:54