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Jayride expands in Europe, Asia

E-commerce marketplace Jayride has expanded its footprint across five countries in Europe and Asia, namely, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The additional countries expand Jayride's exposure to travellers, and, in turn, increase the company's ability to grow its total transaction value (TTV).

Its expansion in the five additional countries includes 52 additional airports and 133 new transport companies, this grows Jayride's market access by 438 million passenger trips, to a total of 3.9 billion (50.5% ) of the world's total airport passenger trips. In these five countries, Jayride is available for travellers to book airport transfers in Germany (at 25 airports), Portugal (at seven airports), Belgium (at five airports), Malaysia (at 11 airports), and Taiwan (at four airports), which includes every airport with greater than 25,000 international passenger trips per year.
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