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President Cyril Ramaphosa
Government at work to address economic growth

President Cyril Ramaphosa has assured potential investors that South Africa is pulling out all the stops to ensure that the country comes out of the economic slump and moves into top gear as far as the economy is concerned...

15 May 2019

Neither President Trump nor President Xi appears likely to back down. AP Photo/Andy Wong
China-US trade war heats up: 3 reasons it won't cool down anytime soon

The truce in the US-China trade war is in tatters...

By Greg Wright 15 May 2019

Funding gaps in infrastructure and energy projects in Africa
Funding gaps in infrastructure and energy projects in Africa

One of the key challenges in getting energy and infrastructure projects off the ground in Africa is the lack of available funding...

By Mike Webb 14 May 2019

Maarten Ackerman
3 key post-election investor questions for Ramaphosa

With elections now a thing of the past, investors' focus will shift to President Cyril Ramaphosa's ability and political will in addressing issues of concern...

By Maarten Ackerman 14 May 2019

Forum challenges African businesses to dive into the Blue Economy
Forum challenges African businesses to dive into the Blue Economy

African businesses are being challenged to wake up to the economic, social and environmental power of the Blue Economy...

10 May 2019

Can AI be trusted to make investment decisions?
Can AI be trusted to make investment decisions?

We can't ignore the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) on investments any longer. AI is here to stay, and brings with it a whole new way of doing business. The World Economic Forum 2019 was dominated by AI, and our industry has not been left unaffected...

By Leigh Köhler 7 May 2019

Savings rate drops to all-time low, reveals underlying issues
Savings rate drops to all-time low, reveals underlying issues

The Investec GIBS Savings Index hit an all-time low in 2018 of 56.6 in the first quarter of the year...

6 May 2019

None of South Africa’s political parties are offering middle class black people a home. shutterstock
South Africa's black middle class is battling to find a political home

South Africa's black middle class is growing numerically - and growing politically restive. But does it see the world differently from others? Does this translate into voting behaviour?

By David Everatt 3 May 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
#AfricaMonth: Fintech driving African economies across traditional sectors

African economic growth has in general been driven by public infrastructure investment and the expansion of services to a largely underserviced population. However, fintech is increasingly receiving attention from both private and public sector...

3 May 2019

Access to finance is consistently listed as the biggest obstacle for start-ups Africa. Wikimedia Commons/The Wot-If? Trust
#AfricaMonth: Entrepreneurship funds in Africa: distinguishing the good from the bad

Entrepreneurs have a pivotal role to play in Africa's unemployment crisis. Today over a third of the continent's young workforce (those aged 15-35) are unemployed...

By Aubrey Hruby 2 May 2019

Janina Slawski, principal investment consultant, Alexander Forbes Investments
An increasing exposure to China in indices - what does it mean for investors?

Investors would generally hope that the index they choose to invest in passively, or to use as a benchmark for an active manager, will capture the desired economic exposure that they are seeking...

By Janina Slawski 29 Apr 2019

Elias Masilela
More carrot less stick needed in investment choices

Forcing retirement funds to invest in certain prescribed assets is likely to have unintended consequences. It's likely to worsen the already fragile confidence in the economy...

26 Apr 2019

EPP completes R1.45bn equity raise
EPP completes R1.45bn equity raise

JSE-listed Polish retail company EPP has successfully completed an equity raise of R1.45bn, equating to approximately €90m...

26 Apr 2019

SA Bank of Athens repositioning as Grobank
SA Bank of Athens repositioning as Grobank

Against the background of South Africa's rapidly evolving and expanding banking landscape, where digital solutions and low-cost operating models have become some of the top challenges, the former South African Bank of Athens has repositioned itself as a new banking entity - Grobank...

Issued by Grobank 25 Apr 2019

US President Donald Trump
Trump's crackdown on Iran's oil exports could backfire badly - with serious risks to global economy

The US has unnerved the world oil market by ramping up the pressure in its long-running dispute with Iran. It has announced that, after May 1, it won't renew the exemptions given to eight countries that enable them to buy Iranian oil...

By Nafis Alam 25 Apr 2019

US National Security Advisor John Bolton sees China as a threat to Washington in Africa. EPA-EFE/Shawn Thew
US still sees Africa as important. But it must learn from past mistakes

In December last year the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, in which he outlined the Trump administration's new Africa strategy...

By Maria Ryan 24 Apr 2019

New speakers added to Inaugural Exponential Finance Summit programme
New speakers added to Inaugural Exponential Finance Summit programme

SingularityU South Africa brings together over 20 global thought leaders in technology, finance, and investment...

Issued by Mann Made 24 Apr 2019

African countries need to manage the rising power of credit rating agencies

The rising gap between developmental needs and available financial resources - including poor revenue collection - has pushed sub-Saharan African governments to consider different options to support their budgets...

By Dr Misheck Mutize 23 Apr 2019

Riccardo Spagni
50 shades of financial privacy

Privacy is widely held as a fundamental human right and is recognised in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in the Constitution of nearly every country in the world...

By Riccardo Spagni 18 Apr 2019

Image: Tourism Mauritius
More than just a pretty place: Mauritius still preferred by fund managers

Not just the ultimate holiday stop, Mauritius is also a preferred jurisdiction for fund managers looking to establish African-focused funds...

By Michael Denenga & Nicole Paige 17 Apr 2019

Why you should invest in the industrial property sector in 2019
Why you should invest in the industrial property sector in 2019

Industrial property's top performance is comparison to other sectors is likely to continue going forward, according to Tony Bales, industrial property expert at Epping Property...

17 Apr 2019

South Africa urgently needs to get its economy moving again. Shutterstock
Rekindling hope is the missing elixir needed to fix South Africa's economy

South Africa's election season is underway. But current debates are stuck in a time warp. The country needs to look beyond the familiar nostrums that have held sway for much of its first decades of democracy...

By Brian Levy 17 Apr 2019

Theresa May has been at loggerheads with parliament for months. EPA/Mark Duffy
Brexit: five essential reads to help you understand Britain's relationship with the EU right now

Nearly three years after the British public voted to leave the European Union, it is no exaggeration to say that a solution is no closer to being found. Indeed, Brexit looks more difficult and perhaps more distant than ever...

By Andy Price 16 Apr 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Is the UK stuck in Brexit limbo?

The UK has been granted its second extension to the Article 50 deadline, averting a no-deal Brexit that would have happened today...

By Azad Zangana 12 Apr 2019

Sim Tshabalala, CEO, Standard Bank Group
US-Africa pension funds explore investment opportunties

The latest figures released by the African Development Bank suggest the continent's infrastructure needs amount to between $130-170bn a year, with a current financing gap of $67-$107bn per annum...

11 Apr 2019

How did loadshedding impact the fiscus?
How did loadshedding impact the fiscus?

While a diesel shipment arrived and provided relief to the dire stage 4 loadshedding in South Africa last month, this may be short-lived if the boiler tubes are not repaired by the time the diesel is burnt by the open-cycle gas turbines...

9 Apr 2019

The next phase of real estate financing in Africa
The next phase of real estate financing in Africa

For a long time, the most prominent players in the African property sector have been private equity or other institutional investors...

By Selwyn Blieden 9 Apr 2019

Security is tight in Rwanda’s authoritarian state. Charles Shoemaker/EPA
Rwanda's economic growth could be derailed by its autocratic regime

A quarter of a century ago Rwanda was a graveyard. Hundreds of thousands of lives had been lost and government institutions were in a shambles...

By Noel Twagiramungu & Joseph Sebarenzi 9 Apr 2019

European Council president Donald Tusk visits Downing Street in 2018. EPA
All too hard: understanding Brexit, Theresa May and the British humiliation

In a recent poll, 90% of the British public agreed that the way Brexit negotiations were being handled was a "national humiliation"...

By Matthew Flinders 5 Apr 2019

Matt Moberg, vice president, Franklin Equity Group
The rapid pace of innovation and disruption. What does it meant to investors?

We believe there is no greater force for driving growth and creating value in the economy than innovation. Start-ups, multinational corporations and companies of every size in-between trumpet their innovative products and services...

By Matt Moberg 5 Apr 2019

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