Top five webinar tools to manage your business

Digital marketing has been growing in a fast pace today and there are several new ways, platforms and networks available to get connected to your potential customers. Webinars is what has been helping businesses today to take advantage over their competitors and keep their relevancy online. With webinars, businesses can promote themselves through seminar and online meetings, while also managing their employees that work remotely.

Webinars add value to the attendees while the exit questionnaires and information that people gain is what creates branding and help businesses to thrive. Similarly, recording webinars is also a great way of building a great library for future customers.

All in all, webinars have modernized the way businesses and people can communicate online. Here we list the five webinar tools to manage your business.


GetResponse started out as a email management service and the addition of webinar tools has made it easy for businesses to use and integrate it as part of their online marketing campaign. The service provides easy-to-use whiteboard for live editing, sharing and discussion details while you can also upload videos from YouTube in order to boost the presentation quality.

Similarly, with real time responses from attendees during the live chat session, private conversations can also be done. Another benefit of using GetResponse is its email service that helps to gather leads and gain customer information during the webinar.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

Adobe’s webinar service that has been considered as one of the most elegant service for conferencing solution is the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. The service is considered one of the best webinar tools today because it also lets users to track how people interact with the materials shared and if they complete certain courses.


Previously named as Freebinar, AnyMeeting is a free webinar service that supports up to 150 people per online meeting. One benefit of using AnyMeeting is you can start as many meetings you want as they have an advertiser-based model to back up their forever-free plan.

Similarly, a customer registration form to gather leads and track customers is also provided at free of cost.


The use of mobile devices to surf the internet online has been growing and Fuze is one webinar tool that has been trying to figure out the aspect of running webinars through mobile. Currently, the service is available to iPhone and Blackberry mobile phone users while it also runs great on desktop.

You can take photos and share it instantly through the service while Fuze Fetch is another feature that notifies the attendees about the webinar after you share their phone number with the service.


Zoom offers some great features to manage your team meetings online at a price that you can’t beat. With its growing popularity because of the availability of different features like white-boarding, group messaging and easy scheduling, it also offers unlimited plans starting from free while their audios and videos are in high definition and supported in almost mobile devices as well.

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