Really common mistakes made when creating flyers

In business we tend to learn a lot from the mistakes that we make. This is something everyone should understand. You cannot solely focus on learning what to do in order to succeed. You have to also learn from the mistakes that are made by others.
Creating flyers is all about offering information in a way that manages to actually reach the potential customer, your intended target audience. Remember that a printing company can point out such mistakes when it has a lot of experience but you cannot solely rely on that. Always avoid the following mistakes made when creating flyers.

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Text that is hard to read

This happens when the text is way too small, is written with the use of an improper font or when the colors used are too light. Never use headline fonts that are hard to read when you first look at them or that are way too small. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of two fonts. Sometimes you can get up to three, but make sure they are not mismatched.

No contact information

A flyer without contact information is a really bad idea. There is always a possibility that the audience will want to learn more about what is promoted. If no contact information exists, nobody can ask the questions.

Bad copy

Words have to sell. Always ask questions that relate to the mind of the potential customer. Benefits associated with products or services have to be clearly highlighted so that readers can relate. Power words can be used as they help attract the eyes of the reader while subliminally making all statements a lot stronger.

While it is a huge mistake to make a flyer that does not sell, it is also a mistake to use copies that try to sell too hard. Writing flyer copy is all about thinking about the reader's point of view. Always try to remain moderate.

Grammatical errors - misspelled words

Always proofread absolutely everything on the flyer. Check the headline, numbers, names and basically all text present on flyers.


This is definitely the number one mistake that you can make when designing flyers for any marketing campaign. There are many reasons why this is the case. For starters, clutter will make everything look undesirable, confusing, unreadable and totally unprofessional.

Clutter normally appears because businessmen tend to simply add as much information as possible to the flyer, thinking that this will make everything look nice. That is definitely not the case. So many design elements can look great when used alone but when combining all of them, problems can appear.


On the whole, designing flyers is not as easy as you may be tempted to believe. Mistakes are normally done because of the fact that you do not actually figure out that you make them. If you do not know much about how to create an effective flyer and your main knowledge is marketing through other channels, you do have to take into consideration what the professionals say and what those that have experience can do for you.

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