What, how and why you need Android for sustainable business growth?

Fortunes of Android mobile OS have never looked back since its introduction in Sept 2008; instead it has witnessed tremendous growth...

Some interesting numbers from sources:

  • Last quarter of 2014 - Android OS market share 81.5%

  • First quarter of 2015 - Android OS market share 78.0%
  • Android OS dominated global smart phone market in 2014 with 1.3 billion plus units
If you know this industry you will agree to the fact that, corresponding mobile units equipped with Android OS also would have grown simultaneously.

Android plus Open Source - what else you need?

We all know that Android has been built with help of contributors from several other sources, which include 300 carrier, software and hardware partners and of course the open source Linux community. All this has added up to make it one of those fastest-growing mobile OS these days. The fact that may sweep you off the ground is that nearly 1 million new android devices are activated across the world.

What, how and why you need Android for sustainable business growth?

But trust me the factors contributing to this popularity are very simple. Since Android is open source, it encases that favouritism from the developers for android development and consumers. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that Android users download over 1.5 billion apps from the Android Market (Google Play) every month.

Android apps - but why?

Aforementioned figures clearly indicate the growing popularity of Android phones along with Android OS, which is also an indicator of the increasing popularity of Android apps. A million apps in Google Play store and the number is increasing consistently - is no joke. Android apps are not only so very popular among youth and social circles, but have become the first choice for businesses as well. Let's see some of the reasons that make Android apps popular with such a large segment of world population:

  • Android is open source in nature

  • Android Platform comes with a lot of easy to use tools as well as a spontaneous IDE, making it much more a convenient process to develop android apps; you just need to hire a skilled android app developer
  • Android apps, android OS, has become first choice for social circles and business
  • The convenience to develop, download and use from various android apps stores on the internet; has given birth to several gaming, social networking and entertainment applications
  • Popularity of Android has been helping several businesses to reach a wider spectrum of audiences, thereby assisting them in reaching out a wider network of business friendly people.
  • Cost efficient process of Developing Android Apps as compared to developing using other mobile application development platforms makes it further more popular
  • Android App development cycle is far more shorter than others, which means the time to market for your apps is also short - means increased ROI

Android developers - how shall we gain?

After an uphill drive in the launch year of 2007, Android since then has continuously pushed the boundaries. Successfully bringing forward newer and better capabilities to its users as well as developers - as it seems to be the prime moto for Android. Developers have been really gaining from Android as it has been consistently empowering them with capabilities to deliver - fast and in a cost effective manner. Newer and fancy applications are able to make their way to successful and sustainable existence based on latest technologies in the mobile frontier. What does all this mean? It means developers will always be busy - honing their skills while earning the best remuneration - compared to industry or domain specific standards.

Android - what can it help you with?

  • Android is capable of assisting you in building ground breaking apps that can give your users, that out of the world experience.

  • Single application model makes it possible for you to deploy apps to millions of users across a wide plethora of devices including smartphones, tablets, and various other hand-held internet enabled devices.
  • Create exclusive UIs and also streamline them with help of Android
  • App binaries can be optimised for both phones and tablets
  • Android developer helps you develop apps efficiently, including full Java IDE with advanced features for developing and packaging Android apps.

Google Play - what is this?

An Android Market place launched by Google is called Google Play. It is one of the market place which empowers you to control the way you can sell your products. This means you are solely in charge of publishing, customers, markets, and monetisation.

Sustainable business growth through Android - how?

  • Top Software Development companies are well aware about aforesaid benefits, and hence they work in steam rolling mode to provide best Android Application Development Services.

  • They combine the latest skills as well as the best android developers available in the market, to prepare the best Mobile Application Development Solutions and Android apps for you and your users.
  • Considering the increasing popularity of Android as the fastest growing Mobile platform and the demand of Android apps will be recurring, some of the early bird companies initiated Android apps development long back.
  • Seek value proposition from these Android Application Design and Development companies, as they are the ones who have absorbed the philosophy and are the top performers for Android Mobile Platform.
  • Android apps development, though cost effective and popular, is a complex job. It is essential that you hire experienced Android app developers.
  • Well equipped with requisite tools, these Android developers are capable of coming up with best of the solutions available for Android technology, including Android API, Media API, Wi-Fi, Open GL, 3D graphics, and many more.


I hope by now you would have certainly made up your mind. So, allow your Android app development dreams come true. Go ahead and hire the best android developers in the Android world and see your business take a huge leap against competition!

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