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WIRED announces agenda

LONDON, UK: WIRED 2011, the two-day event scheduled to take place from 13-14 October 2011 at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, to celebrate ideas, innovation and the people reshaping our world, has announced the agenda.
The inaugural event, together with 02, has attracted numerous prominent industry names, all promising to enlighten, intrigue, inspire and provoke discussion.

The two days will be themed, with those at the top of their game contributing to each session. Themes include:
  • The Future is Here - The birth of the digital age
  • Mind Hacks - How to improve ourselves
  • Ideas Bank - Brain food and provocations
  • How People Connect - Future of communications
  • Play - The importance of sound
  • Design Thinking - Immortal design
  • Digital World Meet Physical World - Atoms are the new bits
  • Test Lab - Toys, gadgets, demos
  • Infoporn - Racing on real time data
  • Lab Notes - The physics of time reversal
  • The Natural User Interface - Computer vision
  • Social Future - Giving people the power to share
  • Disrupting Business - The agony and the ecstasy of being an entrepreneur

Day 1

The Ideas Bank session will host talks from Wired editor David Rowan, social innovator Rachel Botsman and Russell Davies, head of planning at R/GA London and Wired columnist. Following a break, the Mind Hacks session introduces Aza Raskin, Alex Laskey, Carie Lemack and Henry Robinson, followed by a presentation from Matthew Key, the chairman and CEO of Telefonica digital.

After lunch, Alexander Ljung and Tim Exile will talk music, and Cory Arcangel, Richard Seymour and Tom Hulme discuss design thinking. To round off the day, Chris Anderson, Lisa Harouni, Stuart Jackson, Eyal Gever, Ulla Engestrom and Heather Knight all will cover the 'Digital World Meet Physical World'.

Day 2

David Rowan and Chris Anderson introduce the future according to Wired, Werner Vogels, Geoff McGrath and Juliana Rotich discuss data, and Bjarke Ingels, the founder of BIG, explains "how hedonistic sustainability meets extreme public participation". After a break, Debbie Berebichez and Sonia Contera bring science to the plate, and then interface design goes under the microscope with Stanley Yang, Andrew Blake and John Underkoffler.

In the afternoon, Joanna Shields, Gil Hirsch, Noreena Hertz, Andrew Keen, Chris Mikkelsen and Yossi Vardi lay out our social future, before Lakshmi Pratury talks Indian innovators, and Peter Sunde, Luke Johnson, Rory Sutherland and Rohan Silva explain how to disrupt business. Closing the event will be Wired's very own editor-at-large, Ben Hammersley.

Download the full agenda (Size: 126KB)

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