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    Mercans recognised as a leading global payroll service

    For many companies who hire overseas workers as a part of diversity programmes, global expansion schemes, or for their skills, the need to have an automated payroll mechanism is imperative. This was further accentuated during the Covid-19 pandemic when working from home was at its peak.

    With automated payroll, firms can keep their workforce motivated with prompt payment of wages and other entitlements with little dependence on human interventions. This is achievable through the deliberate digitization of workflow, digital transformation of the workplace administration, especially in human resources management, and timely access to essential information.

    Mercan’s cloud-based HR Blizz™ allows for the optimisation of the payroll workflow, maintenance of employee records, calculation of salaries and wages, generation of accurate reports, and compliance with any applicable tax laws. This makes it very compliant with American labour laws and regulations.

    To do this, HR Blizz™ employs business analysis, big data, and the cloud that all help manage, streamline, and administer all compliance operations.

    It relies on business analyses, big data, and the cloud to manage, streamline, and administer all compliance operations. This can then be integrated with human capital management (HCM) platforms, including Workday, Dayforce, UKG, Darwinbox, SuccessFactors, and Oracle, as well as with the leading ERP solutions and local statutory authorities.

    Essentially, HR Blizz ensures that there is a reduction in human error, and it promotes a more streamlined workflow.

    “Mercans continues to disrupt the payroll industry by doing what no other provider has been able to accomplish,” Mercans’ chief operating officer, K A Viswanathan said. “We deliver global payroll services without using sub-contractors or third-party software. Our end-to-end payroll software integrates seamlessly with all major HCM solutions or can be used as a stand-alone digital payroll platform. Companies of any size can finally achieve full automation of their international payroll operations while reducing their operating costs.

    ”Mercan also has footprints in various countries, topping many payroll outsourcing companies in the UK, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Norway and Switzerland. It delivers native payroll capabilities in 160 countries, four times more than the closest competitors.

    “Mercans has created a differentiated value proposition in the MCP market through its technology platform, HR Blizz,” said Priyanka Mitra, the practice director of Everest Group.

    Everest Group recognised Mercans as a Star Performer for the second year in a row for its Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions in Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO). The group also recognised Mercans as a major contender for the fourth time in a row, outperforming 24 other multi-country and UK payroll service providers.

    “The platform supports gross-to-net calculations across multiple geographies and can provide broader workforce management capabilities. Clients have valued Mercans for its in-country compliance support, platform’s scalability, and flexible outsourcing model which has helped to strengthen its position as a Major Contender and emerge as a Star Performer in Everest Group’s MCP PEAK Matrix® Assessment,” Mitra said.

    Apart from HR Blizz, Mercans’ Mesaar makes the recruitment process seamless and more functional. Mesaar is an ATS-integrated online platform that can be used to reach, track and recruit global candidates or find jobs worldwide. It offers an intuitive experience that makes filling and finding jobs easier.

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