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African Bank launches women-focused entrepreneurial development programme

African Bank has launched its inaugural Women Enterprise Development Programme, which the bank says was designed to support women in achieving professional success, work-life balance and entrepreneurial excellence.

"The programme aims to equip women with essential skills, mentorship, and the resources necessary to thrive in the workplace and become successful entrepreneurs," African Bank explained.

Key features of the programme include:

Mentorship and guidance: Experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts will serve as mentors, providing invaluable guidance, advice, and networking opportunities to programme participants. This mentorship will empower women with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the complex entrepreneurial landscape.

Skills development: A series of comprehensive workshops will cover a wide range of topics essential for entrepreneurial success, including financial management, marketing strategies, business planning, and negotiation skills. These workshops will equip women with the practical tools they need to establish and grow their businesses.

Access to resources: Participants will gain access to a wealth of resources, including funding opportunities, market research insights, and industry trends. This support will help women entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and capitalise on emerging business opportunities.

Networking and collaboration: The programme will facilitate networking through events, seminars, and forums, enabling women entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and share experiences. This platform will create a supportive community where women can learn from one another and collaborate on innovative projects.

The ESD programme is currently underway with the 2023 cohort, however, enrolment applications are open for 2024 enrolment. Women entrepreneurs interested in participating are encouraged to visit for more information.

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