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Supply chain conference to showcase healthcare lessons from Nigeria

A supply chain membership platform for the private sector in Nigeria has strengthened private sector spending for public health. Azuka Okeke, who pioneered the project, will be sharing her experiences and insights at The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management's upcoming SAPICS Spring Conference on 10 September 2019 in Johannesburg.
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The SAPICS Spring Conference will provide supply chain management professionals with the opportunity to spend a day immersed in interactive and stimulating presentations along with networking opportunities.

"Okeke oversees supply chain transformation projects in several African countries, with a key focus on Nigeria. She is an expert in engaging governments and is currently serving as a thought partner and advisor to national ministries of health in Africa. We are delighted to have her in our Spring line-up of speakers with knowledge and lessons to share with supply chain professionals," comments Kea Mpane, SAPICS president.

Sapics 2019 puts the spotlight on healthcare supply chain challenges

"In a world in which around 1 billion people have little to no access to healthcare and 6.3 million children die each year primarily from preventable diseases, it is critical that the supply chain community shares lessons and know-how that can help to increase access to quality healthcare, especially at the last mile...."

10 May 2019

In her presentation, Okeke, who is the regional director of the Africa Resource Centre, will highlight the strides being made in Nigeria to professionalise supply chain management, with particular focus on the work being done to align public health and private sector collaboration.

"In a country made up of 36 different states, challenges abound. Each has its own governance, cultural differences, infrastructure challenges and supply chain complexities; and each is working with the National Department of Health, with the support at the highest level, to prioritise the elevation of supply chain management as a profession. Education is key. Collaboration is essential," stresses Okeke.

She notes that Nigeria is working on getting it right to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right condition. "In the public health space this means saving lives."

SCOR (the Supply Chain Operations Reference model), which has been used by organisations worldwide, is also on the agenda for the SAPICS Spring Conference 2019. Presenter Andrew dos Santos will discuss the results that can be achieved by combining SCOR with DDMRP (Demand Driven Material Resource Planning) and the Demand Driven Adaptive System (DDAS).

"SCOR and DDAS have a natural synergy and can be used in concert to achieve supply chain excellence. Both bridge the gap between operational and strategic levels within an organisation," asserts Dos Santos, who is a director of AppliSential, which provides supply chain management advisory services for the design and implementation of supply chain best practices and technology.

Conference features

Future fit demand planning, entrepreneurship and the value of fostering an ownership mentality in employees are other important topics lined up for the 2019 SAPICS Spring Conference.

The planning world has changed and continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Linear planning is no longer good enough. Presenters MJ Schoemaker and Jeremy Basckin will discuss the latest predictive methods and tools that deal with multiple inputs and cumulative amounts of data to provide reliable demand forecasts.

SAPICS Spring Conference speaker David Hallett aims to encourage and mentor young entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting or have launched SMEs. "Small enterprises can really have an impact on our economy, create jobs, create value and be innovative in ways that large corporates struggle to do in turbulent times," he contends, but notes that SMEs need support, mentoring and motivation to push through tough times and make their mark.

Hallett, who is the principal consultant at Path to Peak Consulting, South Africa, will share his advice with delegates aiming to make their mark in SMEs.

Moving from Compliance to Ownership is the topic of the presentation by Jürgen Tietz. "We have to do things better, faster, cheaper and safer in order to survive and thrive.

"It is about systems, equipment and people; it is about the people who pick, pack, place, pull and push products, papers and buttons and drive millions of miles. We have to become proactive and move all our people from compliance to ownership. We should not just be telling them what to do, but rather equipping them to make their own choices."
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