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Mahle’s wireless charging system wins SAE approval as global standard

Mahle, a global automotive supplier, has developed a positioning system for the wirelessly charging electric vehicles that is a significant step forward in e-mobility. The system, known as the Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS), has been selected as the global standard solution for wireless charging by SAE International, a non-profit association for the advancement of mobility technologies.
Mahle’s wireless charging system wins SAE approval as global standard

DIPS system represents a shift in e-mobility, offering a convenient alternative to traditional charging methods. It utilises a magnetic field to automatically connect the electric vehicle with the charging point as it approaches. A specialised navigation system in the vehicle display assists the driver in positioning the car optimally for charging.

The charging process begins automatically, even with an autonomous parking vehicle. In such cases, the parking system receives the necessary positioning instructions. The Mahle positioning system ensures that the parking process can be carried out easily and reproducibly, even under challenging environmental conditions such as snow or wet leaves on the ground.

“Mahle is setting standards. The renowned SAE’s decision in favour of our technology confirms the systems expertise of Mahle in electrification as well. This will be a strong impetus for e-mobility,” said Arnd Franz, chairman of the Mahle management board and CEO.

Compatibility across different manufacturers

For wireless charging to become widespread, all components related to both the infrastructure and the vehicle side must be standardised. This ensures compatibility across different manufacturers. Mahle plans to make its solution accessible to the entire industry via a license model under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) conditions.

The broad applicability of the system will also enable mobile applications in the future, such as charging via induction coils while driving. Mahle has also formulated the standard for this together with Electreon Wireless.

“Siemens and Witricity are two strong partners at our side with whom we are jointly advancing the complete system of charging infrastructure and automotive engineering,” said Dr Harald Straky, head of corporate research and advanced engineering at Mahle.

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