Urban Rhythm Factory launches SA’s first online audio library

Urban Rhythm Factory (URF), the sister company of television production company Urban Brew, has launched the first South African music and audio library on www.urfmusic.com. Clients are able to order and buy audio online from the music libraries on the web site.

Specialising in audio- and sound production for film, TV, radio, multimedia, station IDs and corporate productions, URF saw the need for an online audio facility that would serve the audio production needs of the booming South African film industry, advertising agencies, production houses and corporate clients.

Clients are able to order and buy audio online from the music libraries on the web site in the specific format that they require. In addition, to achieve unique personalised sonic impact, special requests regarding variation of the library audio can be e-mailed directly to the Urban Rhythm Factory team for customised sound creation.

The site is designed to accommodate both registered and unregistered users. Unregistered users have access to a free audio library that showcases the sound quality and they can access all the latest information, current topics and audio news. In addition to this, registered users gain access to the back-end side of the site via username and password where they have complete access to all music libraries on the audio database.

The online music library includes the following three libraries:

  1. De Wolfe
  2. The biggest music library in the world, De Wolfe includes the De Wolfe, De Wolfe commercial breaks, Rouge and Hudson libraries, as well as De Wolfe's renowned SFX library. These libraries cover all possible requirements from the most modern music to an extensive collection of classical music.

  3. Superstuff
  4. Superstuff is a collection of sound with an emphasis on music with a modern and fresh feel, covering multiple applications.

  5. Origin
  6. The Origin music library is a collection of ethnic sounds. Although it has wide applications, it has been composed to cater for wildlife, staff-intensive corporate and documentary-style productions.

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