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The value of self education in South Africa

The average annual cost of an undergraduate course of study in South Africa is R30,000. This includes living expenses and tuition for an average student. If a student wishes to study overseas, then the cost of education rises considerably. This is one reason that alternate forms of education are becoming so popular.

Virtual education offers savings and deeper understanding

Online courses are becoming an increasingly popular option for students in South Africa. Not only are these courses less expensive than traditional classroom learning, but the style of study can accommodate a busy schedule. For students supporting themselves with full-time work, the needs of learning without impacting their work schedule necessitates virtual learning.

The value of self education in South Africa

If a student chooses to study for their degree online, they not only save on tuition but other traditional costs of college attendance. Because more programs are accessible to students in South Africa via the internet, or distance learning, there is more competition for keeping costs lower. An online course can cost as much as 50% less than the same course offered at a traditional campus.

In addition to the cost savings, students who take courses online have the freedom to study at their own pace. Because lectures aren’t scheduled and attended at set times, a student can spend time rereading and diving into the lesson plan from their professor. Virtual learning is 24/7. A professor or instructor is always just an email away. Plus, the online discussion boards where students share ideas is a great way to continue learning around the clock.

Entrepreneurship promoted by online learning

For those starting a business, the process of learning the information they need in order to succeed is a never-ending journey. Industries evolve and technologies change. If a small business owner doesn’t understand the latest technologies in use, then they will be at a competitive disadvantage against other companies that are able to operate more efficiently. There is always new information to learn, understand and apply.

Online students have more time available to apply their lessons to the world around them. For some students, this takes the form of a startup. The lessons taught in books and in the lecture hall can come alive when put into practice. Online learning allows a student to come back to the virtual classroom at any time and dive into subjects and topics that are relevant to what they are building.

Easier to access for disadvantaged students

The cost of attending a college or university in South Africa is two-fold. There is both a financial commitment and a time commitment. For students or prospective students living in less populated regions, attending school may require a move to an area that is completely foreign. Without family support and ties to the community, attending college can be nearly impossible.

Online, or distance learning allows students to remain active members of the towns and villages they call home. In addition, they can immediately apply what they’re learning to the developing cities that need their knowledge and passion most.

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