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#CSIMonth: Can you handle the heat? Try the #ChilliChallenge

There's a crazy new online challenge doing the rounds and this one comes with a bit of a bite - quite literally. It's called the #ChilliChallenge, and its heating up the internet. Before you reach for the facepalm emoji, note that there's some method behind the flaming hot madness!
Rob Anderson, founder of Brand Hubb
Rob Anderson, founder of Brand Hubb

The #ChilliChallenge is the brainchild of local e-commerce platform Brand Hubb and the campaign aims to drive your attention to a good cause. This July, Brand Hubb is raising money to purchase and donate 2000 or more blankets to organisations that help keep the less fortunate warm during the cold winter months. But what's that got to do with chewing on chillies? Rob Anderson, founder of Brand Hubb, explains:

"The concept of the challenge came about when we were sitting down as a team, trying to come up with a campaign to celebrate our third birthday. Brand Hubb is first and foremost a rewards company that is always looking for ways to give back to consumers. So this challenge, which gives back to the broader community, is another opportunity for us to help out.

"Winter is chilly, and we decided that to create awareness we would play with the word 'chilly' and that’s how the ‘chilli challenge’ idea came to be. Watching a person eat a chilli is amusing and quite literally ‘brings the heat’, making it an ingenious way to help raise awareness for the campaign online."

Watch Rob Anderson, founder of Brand Hubb, do the #ChilliChallenge:

So you're in. What next?

Once you've bravely shared your moment of madness by posting a video of yourself eating a chilli (or three if you like), and challenging other like-minded heat-seekers to do the same, head to the Brand Hubb website to make your donation to the #BrandHubbBlanketDrive. There are also daily prizes up for grabs to the value of R200,000 for those who dare to participate.

"The winter season is without any doubt a very difficult and uncomfortable time for the homeless, which is why we decided to do our best to bring some warmth by raising money to purchase good quality blankets.

"Social responsibility is important to us and relies on the collaboration of not only our business, but also other corporates, agencies and individuals. We call all those who can to help us by donating a monetary contribution towards the cause. We hope that by providing the disadvantaged with blankets, we can play a small part in aiding those who need it most during these cold months," says Anderson.

#ChilliChallenge so far

Make your donations to the #BrandHubbBlanketDrive here.

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