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Marketing for results

You have a fantastic product or service. You have invested valuable resources into creating or acquiring an up-to-date, accurate and extensive database of prospective leads and clients for your company. So why aren't you seeing any results in terms of return on investment and sales?

That is because a database, no matter how extensive, current and relevant, cannot generate sales and revenue by itself. A good, well-managed and maintained database is a vital part to how successful you will be. However, it is not an instant, miraculous cure-all. It merely points you in the direction of your target demographic. How you market your product or service to them is still up to you.

Especially in the IT sector - there are companies whose products meet various customer needs, but those products are a "trade secret" because the marketing mindset is very often foreign to technical people. Technical people are great at what they do. Their forte is creating products that people need, but they struggle with marketing.

The old saying that a good product - or service - will sell itself is simply not true. As many marketers will be able to attest, the greatest product or service in the world will not be bought if no one is aware of it. That is why even the largest, most well-known brands still advertise themselves.

A brand new marketing service

But even if you are talking to the correct audience of people who are genuinely interested in your product or service, you will also not make a sale if you stumble through your sales pitch, or if you're unable to explain what your service has to offer.

Our company specialises in lead generation, database management and direct marketing throughout Africa and the Middle East. Since we really want our clients to see results and have return on investment after hiring us for lead generation and to compile databases for them, we have decided to introduce a brand new marketing service.

Marketing is about more than just a database. It requires a strategy and the right approach, and because our customers sometimes battle in this area, we help them take their products, services and companies to the next level by helping them formulate their strategy and approach.

The right target market

A large part of whether your marketing campaign will be successful or not will hinge on whether you are aiming it at people who are interested in what you have to offer and would therefore not mind hearing from you in the first place. As part of the marketing strategy, we help clients to identify exactly who their target market is. It is crucial to hone in on the right people, because they will be far more likely to care about what you have to offer.

Another aspect that we help with is identifying how to sell to target markets. Some clients prefer receiving calls. Others hate all forms of telemarketing, and prefer being reached via email, while another might regard being the recipient of a mass mailer as being spammed.

You should not just take a stab in the dark and leave something that is so important up to guesswork or chance, because you risk alienating prospective clients during that initial contact. In the years that we have been doing this, we have reached the conclusion that permission-based marketing is the most effective. So by doing the homework first, it prevents you from wasting a lot of time and money.

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Louise Robinson is Sales Director at CG Consulting and Database360
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