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Real estate under the spotlight: Is sustainability becoming mainstream?
Real estate under the spotlight: Is sustainability becoming mainstream?

As the world grapples with the uncertainty surrounding the long-term implications of Covid-19, there is a measure of agreement on one thing...

20 hours ago

Mirfin survey highlights what managing agents expect from service providers
Mirfin survey highlights what managing agents expect from service providers

Mirfin recently conduced a client survey with a view to gain a more thorough understanding of the needs and preferences of industry decision-makers...

2 days ago

Company News
First-time buyers flood market, but should be cautious when signing an offer

Driven by a five-decade low interest rate and favourable lending conditions, it remains one of the best times in decades to buy property...

2 days ago

Positive budget welcome news for homeowners and consumers

Finance minister Tito Mboweni presented a "positive budget" under challenging circumstances, perhaps the most challenging over the last 27 years...

By Samuel Seeff 24 Feb 2021

Now cheaper to buy than rent for first-time SA home buyers - global expert

Selected properties under R1.5m are now significantly more affordable to buy than rent, offering first-time homeowners an unprecedented opportunity to get into the property market, says global property expert Toni Enderli...

Issued by Leap Communications 19 Feb 2021

TPN Tenant Survey: 75% of tenants reported loss of income during lockdown

According to specialised credit bureau TPN, residential rentals were -0.75% cheaper on average for the last quarter of 2020. However, the Gauteng High Court's recent ruling...

18 Feb 2021

Role of contractors in the financial success of bodies corporate

The cost of a maintenance project for a sectional title scheme is usually determined by its size, the current state of repair and the degree of maintenance required...

By Björn Laubscher 17 Feb 2021

Can real estate contribute towards rebuilding South Africa's crippled economy?

Despite President Ramaphosa's optimistic analogies of fynbos re-emerging after fire, 2021's State of the Nation Address made it clear that South Africa...

By Tony Clarke 16 Feb 2021

How property owners can navigate financial distress

Many property owners have felt the pinch since the start of the pandemic, whether in commercial or residential property, and thus might find themselves stranded and lacking the necessary insight into how to navigate the financial distress of their properties...

By Matseleng Mogodi 12 Feb 2021

Buying vs renting - is the time to purchase now?

According to ooba Home Loans CEO Rhys Dyer, "Unlike other 'flash in the pan' trends, the time to purchase a home is...

12 Feb 2021

3 ways to earn more money from your property

Property assets can be leveraged in many ways - both in the short- and the long-term. For those looking for a few ideas, here are some creative ways to earn more money from your property...

11 Feb 2021

How to increase the value of your property in a competitive market

Covid-19 has and continues to drive new trends in the property market - large gardens, studies and fibre internet are the...

By Marcél du Toit 11 Feb 2021

Minimalism and the surprising impact it's having on the rental economy

Minimalism - once a niche art movement - is now a mainstream lifestyle trend. We have Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising guru...

By Jonathan Hurvitz 8 Feb 2021

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