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Radical new housing deal proposed to break apartheid barriers

While over half a million Capetonians live in informal settlements, the Rondebosch Golf Club pays the City of Cape Town only R1,000 a month for the use of 450,000m2 of well-situated land...

By Steve Kretzmann 2 days ago

Cash is king in the Winelands

The real estate market's response during a downturn is largely predictable, with tighter budgets, cash-strapped consumers and fewer property sales setting the tone for a decidedly buyer's market...

18 Mar 2019

Inner city property development scheme creates new jobs

The R9bn Jobs Fund (JF) set up by government in 2011 to co-finance public, private and non-government projects has partnered with TUHF Limited (TUHF) to transform old inner city buildings into homes...

18 Mar 2019

Creating a portable garden

How to make your rental space feel more like home...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 12 Mar 2019

Is small the new black in the property sector?

With demand for smaller homes having increased in recent years, effective utilisation of space is becoming a primary factor in decision-making...

12 Mar 2019

District Six claimaints frustrated after state fails to deliver plan

District Six claimants met on Sunday, 10 March, after the Department of Rural Affairs and Community Development failed to release a much-anticipated "holistic plan" for the restitution of the neighbourhood to its former owners...

By Sebastian Moronell 12 Mar 2019

How traffic congestion in Cape Town is impacting the property market

According to the INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard, Cape Town drivers spend more time in traffic congestion than those of any other major city in the country...

7 Mar 2019

Why property markets slow before elections

With the election date recently set for 8 May 2019, it is possible that activity in the property market may improve in the months to follow...

By Adrian Goslett 7 Mar 2019

R400m property acquisition concluded at V&A Waterfront

TPF Advisors recently announced the conclusion of a R400m transaction in which a South-African investor has acquired the Lawhill Luxury Apartments block in the V&A Waterfront Marina...

6 Mar 2019

Time for millennials to get back into the property market

According to statistics from property market analyst Lightstone, South African millennials will experience increased difficulty in becoming home owners as they will probably have to pay 3.04 times more...

4 Mar 2019

RDP house on sale for R1.7m

A former RDP house, upgraded to a double-storey and expanded to 15 rentable rooms in Dunoon, Cape Town, has been listed for sale on a popular property website with an asking price of over R1.7m...

1 Mar 2019

Time is money - have your ducks in a row to avoid costly transfer delays

While some delays cannot be foreseen, it's possible to exponentially reduce the risk by doing one's homework...

28 Feb 2019

Predicted change is here

Herschel Jawitz, CEO of Jawitz Properties, Chris Renecle, MD of Renprop and Dr. Andrew Golding, chief executive of the Pam Golding Property group, all agree that the residential market is in for an interesting time in 2019 in South Africa...

By Lynelle Clark, Issued by Prevance 26 Feb 2019

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