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Remote working set to boost freehold market in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs

According to Brandon Broodryk, director of Huizemark Rondebosch, there has been significant increase in buyer interest for free-standing homes in many of Cape Town's well-established neighbourhoods over the last year. This he attributes to remote working changing the checklist for many residential buyers who now have the option of working from home on a long-term basis.
L-R: Dayne Stern, Huizemark Claremont area specialist, and Brandon Broodryk, director of Huizemark Rondebosch
L-R: Dayne Stern, Huizemark Claremont area specialist, and Brandon Broodryk, director of Huizemark Rondebosch

“Almost all my residential buyers I talk to within the R1.5m-R4.5m price range are looking for enough space for a dedicated home office, a private garden for pets, fibre connectivity, and the ability to upgrade to off-the grid energy solutions,” says Broodryk.

“This is why free-standing, full title homes in the Southern Suburbs are attracting keen interest from locals and “semigraters” from other South African cities, as it is very hard to find a full-title house in the city or Atlantic Seaboard within that budget."

“Proximity to good schools and being close enough to the CBD to pop into the office or meet with a client on a weekly basis are other key requirements we hear from buyers who are looking for a suitable work-from-home property, says Dayne Stern, Huizemark Claremont area specialist.

Home not just a castle anymore

“Wynberg, Claremont and Rondebosch are some of Cape Town’s more established residential neighbourhoods and have a high number of freehold properties across a wide price range,” says Stern. “These suburbs are renowned for a high concentration of excellent schools and lie within a 30-minute drive to the CBD and airport. Combine this with easy access to hiking trails on the mountain, a number of shopping malls, the main transport routes, and it’s easy to see why freehold full title homes in these areas are enjoying an increase in buyer interest.

“For remote workers, their home is not just a castle anymore, now it’s their home-office and the primary space where they spend most of their time. It's hardly surprising that the idea of living in their own freehold house has become more popular, especially when compared to living in higher density accommodation in sectional title apartments,” concludes Broodryk.

“We expect to see buyer interest in well-placed, well-priced freehold properties to continue to rise as remote working becomes a reality for more South Africans.”

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