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Oh f... sorry, oh dear... Aussie newspaper's front page from hell

MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, PERTH, AUSTRALIA: An Australian newspaper has accidentally published what must rank as one of the most error-ridden front pages of all time.
(Image extracted from eBay)
(Image extracted from eBay)
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For more: Someone pressed the wrong button... The cover of the ANZAC weekend edition in Western Australia of The Australian Financial Review had enough errors on its front page to cause even the most jaded newspaper reader to blink with disbelief.

Apparently the disaster was caused by a catastrophic production mistake after someone, according to the editor, had "pressed the wrong button".

Now copies of the front page are the subject of competitive auctions on eBay.

One of the copies is reported to have sold for A$49 (about R480) but some prices are far higher.

The front page (see image) included "headlines" such as "Joe Hockey headline tk here", "Japan headline", and one that will probably be remembered for a long, long time... "ARMS BUILDUP, BUYS PLANES, WORLD IS FUKT".

Read more here and here.

The errors have embarrassed the newspaper, and amused (and probably annoyed or offended) many readers but more sympathetic media people might, however, feel much sympathy for the hapless publication and think to themselves "There, but for the grace of God..."

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