How to lose your data and possibly your job

Today's SME market understands the importance of stable databases, code and language and they want solutions that offer stability and reduced cost of ownership. The consequences of data corruption are dire and the impact of data loss on business could be detrimental.
To this end, Palladium Software has set new standards in stability and has taken data corruption out of the equation. The most compelling feature is that Palladium connects dynamically to the latest and greatest MS SQL Server 2014 database and is totally stable, with full data roll back capabilities, making data losses and database corruption problems of the past.

Palladium Software managing director Stephen Corrigan says Palladium offers a world-first three-year guarantee against data corruption. "Palladium offers a multitude of features that are only available in much larger accounting packages, but at a portion of the price."

"Unstable accounting solutions expose businesses to threats, including downtime and maintenance costs. Instability also exposes businesses to fraud and theft, particularly where database corruption cannot be properly restored," he explains.

Corrigan says the software has no connectivity issues. "A user can be halfway through entering an invoice and if the network cable is pulled there will be no effect - the invoice will still be there and no data is lost. All transactions roll back automatically if not posted in full, such as during a power failure or sudden network disconnect."

"Palladium means a safeguard or a source of protection. It is a well proven, highly stable solution based on robust technology solution. It is now in its seventh year and until now has been one of the industry's best kept secrets," he concludes.

Small business in South Africa need to realise that data corruption stems from old technology and that they don't have to accept it. Palladium's vision is to support the all-important SME sector with a reliable and effective accounting software solution where security and stability are critical.

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