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7 interview tips for hiring the right person

Standing out in a competitive job market is easier said than done. Gone are the days where people spend 40 years in one career before retiring at 65 with a comfortable pension and a gold pen. Nowadays, people are upskilling themselves not only to increase their skillset, particularly in the digital space, but ultimately to become more employable.
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For companies or creative agencies looking to hire for the digital space, finding the right talent can be a minefield to navigate. Global recruitment agency, The Talent Boom, knows how important hiring the person can be. They source talent at their finest when they work in this diverse and exciting market, thriving on different cultures, countries and challenges.

Here are some of The Talent Boom's top tips to look out for to ensure you hire the right person.

  1. A solid work background

    It goes without saying that candidates who show a strong portfolio of work with good experience in their field are few and far between. While not everyone may fit the bill, evidence and examples of previous work will give an employer an idea of how well a candidate will fit into the role’s requirements.

  2. A strong work ethic

    A strong work ethic is an admirable trait in any employee. According to The Talent Boom, a good, solid set of morals and values, and a disciplined outlook shows that they can complete tasks timeously and without issue. To get a feel for someone’s work ethic, ask the candidate to complete a test for the role, such as a written test for a copywriter, or drawing up a client journey for a strategist. If they can meet the brief and your deadline, you might have a winner.

  3. Go the extra mile

    In most companies and agencies, working as a team is an important part of the day-to-day operations. Employers should look out for candidates who are willing to go the extra mile and get stuck in to help other team members, even if they end up taking on work that isn’t necessarily their strength. By going the extra mile, these employees will become a highly valued member of the team.

  4. Ticking boxes

    The Talent Boom says finding the right person isn’t about ticking the boxes. Companies and agencies should look to work with the people who will inspire and motivate newcomers. If for example, you are looking for a creative director, but have found an amazing creative group head, you could look to zone in on that person’s skills and hire for potential so that in a year or two that group head moulds into your next creative director.

  5. Make it fun

    While finding someone who can do the job is one thing, finding someone to fit in with your work culture is another. Throw some fun questions in during the interview to get an idea of their personality and sense of humour, for example, ‘If you were an animal, what animal would you be?’

  6. Do your homework

    Get to know the person inside and out. Ask as many questions as possible, such as how they react in stressful situations, what their triggers are, if they’ve ever been faced with ethical situations in the workplace and how they dealt with them. Ultimately, you want someone who radiates warmth and positivity and who will bring solutions to challenging situations and inspire people in the workplace rather than someone who may be perceived to be a drain on a team’s energy resources.

  7. Beware of red flags

    While looking out for positives is a given in a potential candidate, The Talent Boom says it’s just as important to look out for red flags during the interview process. People with a scattered background in permanent full-time jobs could be troublesome employees, while someone with a bad reputation in the industry should be steered clear of. Candidates who are cagey about discussing their background or previous employers could also be hiding things.
Finding the right talent doesn’t have to be difficult. Have a good set of questions for candidates during the interview process, trust your gut and you’ll find someone perfect to fill the role.
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