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Winchester Mansions adopts employee wellness programme

Winchester Mansions has adopted an employee wellness programme which aims to promote awareness regarding physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and financial stability. The hope is that employees will adapt their lifestyles, realising, as the programme emphasises in its slogan, that wellbeing is a way of life.

Winchester Mansions adopts employee wellness programme

A theme for each month

"Our vision includes that we want to be one of the best four star hotels through competent and happy staff. This program speaks to this desired happiness. Too often employers rely on the perceived power of money as a motivator - we believe there are others which our team members respond to," says Nils Heckscher MD of Winchester Mansions.

The programme started in March 2012 and has much in store for the employees at Winchester Mansions. Each month, with the exception of April, follows a theme in accordance with the National Department of Health calendar. The month of April has appropriately been dedicated to employee appreciation. As an expression of gratitude for the hard work that is put in to maintain a hotel of such quality, each staff member was treated to a 15 minute massage.

Walk in someone else's shoes

To further express a sense of appreciation and a willingness to view the perspective of employees at all levels, each member of the executive committee, as well as all senior and middle management members will be involved in April's employee appreciation drive. Members of management have each selected a day where they will trade in their shoes and walk in someone else's by spending the day carrying out the work duties of the other employee.

The idea behind this initiative is to work amongst employees who are not directly involved with management to bridge any gaps that may exist, to build and maintain good relationships by interacting with one another, and to re-emphasise the company's open door policy.

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