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#OnTheBigScreen: The Lion King and Skin

The films opening at South African cinemas, this week, include Disney's live-action, star-studded remake of The Lion King and the story of a former white supremacist on the road to redemption, Skin.

The Lion King

With the live-action release, audiences can journey to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolises his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival.

The Lion King roars to life on the big screen in a whole new way

The live-action release of The Lion King promises to be one of the most spectacular highlights of 2019..

By Daniel Dercksen 15 Jul 2019

Scar, Mufasa’s brother – and former heir to the throne – has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.

Directed by Jon Favreau from a screenplay by Jeff Nathanson. 


Inspired by the remarkable true story of Bryon Widner, Skin follows the life of a former skinhead group member – who endured over a year of painful operations to his face and body to remove the tattoos that tied him to his terrible past.

Written and directed by Guy Nattiv – an acclaimed writer/director from Tel Aviv, Israel – this controversial film stars Jamie Bell as a destitute young man, raised by racist skinheads and notorious among white supremacists, who turns his back on hatred and violence to transform his life with the help of a black activist and the woman he loves. 

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