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#MusicExchange: Do Not Disturb release debut single

Do Not Disturb is a production and songwriting trio based in Cape Town. The group is made up of Evan Raffels and Jordan Simons with Nicole Mason fronting the band. They have just released their debut single How Far.

I caught up with Nicole last week.

BizcommunityThe new decade means:

Starting again, with a new perspective. I feel good about the future.

BizcommunityFame is about:

Having the ability to make a difference on a great scale

BizcommunityRetirement will happen when:

When I need a walking stroller to move from one place to another.

BizcommunityI don't do:

Negative attitudes during the creative process. I find it toxic and demotivating. When we create, we're aiming to create something amazing.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

BizcommunityWhat does music mean to you?

Music is a gift and a powerful tool which can change someone’s life in one lyric, chord or drumbeat.

BizcommunityMy music is about:

Experimenting with different genres my music is about love, relationships, fantasy and experiences throughout my life.

BizcommunityI would love to co-write with:

Max Martin. He is one of the greatest songwriters of all time, with 24 Billboard Hot 100 number-one songs to his name.

BizcommunityWhere do you go for inspiration to create?

I draw my inspiration from people around me and my overall appreciation for art.

BizcommunityWhat is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

Learning from those around me and having real conversations with artists and musicians, which allows everyone in the room to see things from more than one perspective.

BizcommunityThe song you must do in every show?

Valerie by Amy Winehouse.

BizcommunityAny funny moments on stage?

My keyboard switched off while doing a live recording, the show had to go on and I just had to smile and mime until the sound team sorted out the technical issue.

BizcommunityWhat is your most treasured possession?

My laptop.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

BizcommunityIt’s your round what are you drinking?

Tequila! It’s the best of both worlds.


Bacon, because it rhymes with my surname Mason and the fact I absolutely do not have love for bacon.

BizcommunityIf you were not a musician what would you do?

I'd want to be a psychologist.

BizcommunityWho would play you in a Hollywood Blockbuster and why?

Zoe Kravits because she is pretty empowering in personality and on screen. She also looks like she can kick butt!

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

BizcommunityPick five words to describe yourself?

Creative, genuine, caring, kind and random.

BizcommunityFive Favourite SA albums:

Jimmy Nevis - Subliminal
Jimmy Nevis - The Masses
Craig Lucas – Restless
Mi-Casa - Self Titled 2011 Album
Elaine - Elements

BizcommunityWhat song changed your life?

Any song from Britney Spears during her teenage years, most probably Hit Me Baby One More Time. That was when I realized that I wanted to become an entertainer whether it was singing or dancing.

BizcommunityWhat is your favorite word?


BizcommunityFavorite Fashion Garment:

A bulky sneaker or combat boot

BizcommunityYour greatest achievement:

My first official song that I released in 2019 called Intimate under the alias, “Mason.” It was a song about empowering women and their bodies. A reminder that no one was or is entitled to or in control of their bodies but them.

BizcommunityWhat do you complain about most often?

Artists in Cape Town don’t get the recognition they deserve.

BizcommunityOn stage I tend to:

Take out my phone and take a video of the stage and the crowd. This allows me to reminisce.

BizcommunityWishes and dreams:

I wish to be the best version of myself as a person and an artist.

Social media:

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