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#MusicExchange: DJ PH releases new single

Known for his impressive versatility and energetic stage presence, PH Madubela, also known as DJ PH, is arguably one of South Africa's finest entertainers.
He boasts an exciting 12-year, and counting, career as a DJ. PH is a household name in the South African music industry, who always captures audiences with his signature mash-up sets. Never one to shy away from experimenting outside of his comfort zone, he has built a brand that brings music together in unforgettable sets.

#MusicExchange: DJ PH releases new single

His talent has landed him repeat appearances on some of the world’s most reputable stages and radio shows, in countries across Europe and Africa. Alongside this, PH also features as a VJ on the biggest music variety show in South Africa, Live Amp.

He is now the host of Metro FM’s #CruiseControl on Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm. Just last week PH released a new single with Da L.E.S, Tumi Tladi and Kiddo entitled “Gotta Go”.

I caught up with PH last week. 

BizcommunityThe new decade means: 

Growth, new opportunities, adulting and doing the things our parents did that we thought we would never do. 

BizcommunityFame is about:

I don’t like fame. Use the influence you have to change lives or create opportunities for others.

BizcommunityRetirement will happen when: 

When the wheels fall off!

BizcommunityWhat is the most enjoyable aspect of your work? 

Changing/uplifting moods, creating happiness; (I) can never get enough of it. 

BizcommunityAny funny moments on stage: 

I’ve fallen off the stage, shouted the wrong club name on the mic (I had a busy weekend okay!). 

BizcommunityYour heroes: 

The people behind the scenes that make things happen. 

BizcommunityWhat is your most treasured possession?

My mind, it pours into everything else.

BizcommunityIt’s your round, what are you drinking?

A shot called ‘miss my flight’: Stroh Rum, tequila, vodka, Amarula. Still, want a drink with me?

BizcommunityDream gig to do: 

Coachella Main Stage! 

BizcommunityWhat makes you stand out?

Not wanting to fit in. And the fact that I usually tower over most people (height and build). 

#MusicExchange: DJ PH releases new single#MusicExchange: DJ PH releases new single

BizcommunityIf you were not a musician, what would you do?

I’d be in marketing/advertising. 

BizcommunityPick five words to describe yourself: 

Funny, boring, quiet, creative, chilled. 

BizcommunityFavourite SA albums of all time: 

Sjava - Isina Muva
Soul Candi Sessions 3
Fresh House Flava 4 and 5
Oskido’s Church Grooves 5

BizcommunityWho do you love?

My family, close friends, supporters; those who pour into my tank. 

BizcommunityFavorite Fashion Garment

Shorts… how lazy

BizcommunityTop of your bucket list?

Climb Mount Everest , drive a F1 car on a track.

BizcommunityYour greatest achievement?

Making it out of 2020!!!!!!

BizcommunityWhat do you complain about most often?

Poor service

BizcommunityWhat is your fear?

Snakes, Heights, Spiders

BizcommunityHappiness is?

Being alive and not paying bills at the end of the month.

BizcommunityOn stage I tend to?

Not look up as often as I should.

BizcommunityThe best life lesson you have been taught?

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

BizcommunityWhere would you like to be right now?

On a corona free island, clear waters with chilled music playing in the background with no worries.

BizcommunityDo you do charity work?

Yes, so every year I partner up with different charities from around the country to work on different kinds of projects ranging from, fixing schools that need assistance, feeding children, financial aid to students and Christmas parties.

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