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The infectious enthusiasm of Nora En Pure

In Game of Thrones Maester Aemon says: "The Starks are always right eventually; winter is coming!" Last Saturday, Cape Town lived up to those words as it was cold, rainy and downright dreary. This did not deter anyone from a night of great music at the Shimmy Beach Club, however, no ma'am, not even a little bit. The Shimmy Beach Club played host to the Joburg-born and Zurich-based diva of deep and indie house, Nora En Pure.
The infectious enthusiasm of Nora En PureThe popular DJ was on the second stop of her SA tour, having already had the Joburg crowd dancing two nights before and moving on to Durban after Cape Town. If you are into house or electronic music in general, this was the place to be. With a strong support line-up consisting of: Strange Loving, Yeti, Thank Me Later, Tomorrow’s Will, Minx, B Soulful, and Gareth Kenward the crowd was on its feet all night long.

Packed to bursting

A little bad weather never gets the guys over at the Shimmy Beach Club down as they set up indoors and transformed the venue from a beach club to a super club with VIP area and an additional dance floor. The place was packed to bursting and everyone was having a good time jamming to the amazing music. Nora En Pure’s set consisted of all her well-known jams, like the song that catapulted her onto the world stage Come With Me, the Salt Water 2015 rework, I Got To Do and Morning Dew/Better Off That Way.

Nora En Pure was amazing to behold on stage and just loads of fun to be around. Her enthusiasm while she was playing her set was simply infectious and you could see that she loves performing. She was not ranked number 10 on Beatport’s Most Charted Artists in 2015 list for nothing.

The other outstanding performances for me were Strange Loving, who played before Nora En Pure, and Minx who played after. It was a great night out and you can’t go wrong with good people, drinks and even better music. This gig was well worth attending.

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