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NPOs invited to support local food garden projects

The City of Cape Town's Urban Management Directorate is inviting applications from suitable not-for-profit organisations to apply for grant funding to implement a food garden project in partnership with the City.
MabelAmber via
MabelAmber via Pixabay

This is an intervention planned for the current financial year and is set to see an estimated 720 farmers participating in this urban farming project, with at least 30 food gardens in each of the City's 24 sub councils.

The organisations which will be considered will be legally established, registered as a non-profit organisation or as a non-governmental organisation, with proven expertise and/or accreditation in the field of urban farming, poverty alleviation, project management, capacity building and empowerment of disadvantaged communities.

"Growing our own food helps us to create better food security for our communities, improves our diet and health, helps to alleviate poverty and also assists with building skills and creating jobs. The project will provide support to new and existing farmers using secured sites such as backyards, schools, open space around City buildings, churches, NGOs, clinics and libraries that require no capital costs.

"We want to see our communities being actively involved and taking ownership of projects of this nature," said Alderman Grant Twigg, mayoral committee member for urban management.

The following are examples of support initiatives that may be considered:

• Farming kits including but not limited to tools, seeds and fertilisers

• Training including, but not limited, to skills development in areas like planting, tending, harvesting, mentoring, etc.

• Business development support, establishment of cooperatives and facilitating access to markets

All prospective applicants must submit the following documents:

• City’s supplier database number and National Treasury supplier database registration number

• A signed copy of the organisation’s constitution

• Proof of bank account details (not older than three months and stamped by the bank)

• List of your organisation’s bank account signatories issued by the bank

• Latest annual financial statements (if the amount you are applying for is more than R50,000)

• An Income and Expenditure Statement as tabled at your last Annual General Meeting (if the amount you are applying for is less than R50,000)

• A copy of your organisation’s latest up-to-date municipal account. If the organisation is in arrears, you can arrange a payment plan with the City’s Revenue Department. If the organisation is renting property, the owner (Lessor) of the property must be up-to-date with their municipal account payments

• If the organisation is registered as a VAT Vendor, the organisation must submit a zero-rated tax invoice, which will include the City’s VAT number 4500193497

• A valid Tax Compliance Status certificate including a SARS issued TAX PIN

• A valid NPO/PBO certificate

• Certified copies of the identity documents (ID) of board members/management committee members/ members of the board of directors or certified copies of the ID of Chairperson and Treasurer of the organisation

•Minutes of the organisation’s AGM not older than 18 months

Proposals and submissions together with all supporting documentation must be submitted to az.vog.nwotepac@erutlucirga.nabru by no later than 4pm on Friday, 19 February 2021.

For more information, applicants should contact the Area Economic Development Branch of the Urban Management Directorate on 021 400 3131 (Option 6).

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