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Africa's animation industry to gather at Cape Town International Animation Festival

Animation has a significant impact on our lives, as a tool for teaching and learning, a form of entertainment, as a marketing tool, and naturally a creative outlet and form of income for animators in an ever-evolving global sector, and thus contributing to the local economy.

Celebrating this, South Africa once again highlights the growing impact made by African animators at this year’s Cape Town International Animation Festival, taking place from 27-30 April 2023 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.

According to the National Film and Video Foundation, pre-Covid, the production industry as a whole was valued at over R8bn, and grew 5.2% year-on-year, employing on average 60,000 full-time, FTE and freelance workers.

With the growth of the digital landscape, animation as a sector has received increasing interest, with tertiary institutions including Digital Canvas Academy, The Animation School, WITS, Learn3D, SAE, Open Window, Boston Media House, City Varsity, Vega Design School, Greenside Design Centre, and Nemisa, to name a few, offer programmes with a focus on digital professions, opening more doors for the upskilling of animators and digital creators.

“It is important here to note that globally the industry is growing at +-25% per annum. Many countries, recognising the economic and job creation importance of this sector, have increased the attractiveness of their policy, legislative and incentive frameworks to attract and stimulate as much production as possible, attract FDI and create jobs”, says Nick Cloete, chairman of Animation SA.

As an industry, productions produce jobs which range from highly-skilled, world-class cast and crew, to artisans and unskilled new entrants to the workplace. Eighty-five percent of the industry workforce is Black and 65% of the workforce under the age of 35, contributing to NDP 2030 goals. Animation contributes to the industry which is an employment and economic multiplier. As a whole, the industry promotes ‘Brand South Africa’ and drives tourism, but as a premier international filmmaking destination, it contributes an incalculable value to social cohesion, national identity, heritage and culture – telling our stories to compatriots and the world.

Bringing the sector together, the Cape Town International Animation Festival is offering visitors a dynamic programme, which aims to shine a spotlight on the contribution of African creatives, storytellers, and artists, amplify the award-winning work done on the continent. The programme features various screening, engaging workshops, insightful talks, and focuses on offering a leg-up to aspiring animators, so they may avoid any pitfalls or misinformation and gain the skills and insight into the sector as a whole.

Guests will have a platform to exhibit and highlight their unique talent, shed light on the various employment, collaborative and creative opportunities, and also entertain and upskill visitors through various workshops on offer across the four days.

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