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Bree Runway collabs with Captain Morgan for 'Enjoy Slow' campaign

Following the launch of Captain Morgan's Spice On campaign in Summer 2022, the latest global campaign features Bree Runway, singer, songwriter and rapper of Ghanaian descent and her smooth, slow jam remix of 90's track, 'Rhythm of the Night', encouraging people to sip slowly.

Having risen to fame and burst onto the music scene with her own spin on iconic anthems, Bree Runway has been nominated for Best New International Act as well as the Brits Rising Star award and in November last year, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in the UK. Her unique genre-bending style has given the party track a laid-back feel, reimagining it for a new audience.

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We find out more from her....

Growing up, what did you want to be?

I flicked through a few potential roles growing up. I wanted to be an air hostess for Emirates at one point because I loved the uniform and the potential prospect of living in Dubai. I wanted to be a scientist at one point, as this was a subject I got an A in and it felt like a "serious" career path to pursue, which is something that was constantly drummed in my head that music isn't "serious" enough. I then wanted to be a cruise ship singer, I loved the idea of travelling and singing. But after careful consideration.... I decided I wanted to be Bree Runway, the popstar!

Tell us briefly about your journey into the world of music?

I was always quite scared to pursue music, as I knew I would probably succeed at it and I know succeeding in a field like this means being seen. Growing up, I was sooo shy, so when I first started putting out mashups and covers I would always cover my face so it's just about my voice. But with the support of my growing following, I got comfortable with revealing the face behind the voice.

I stayed consistent at my mashup videos and then one took off and became extremely popular racking up 50 million+ views. From here, the demand came for my own original music. I started uploading music mixed, mastered and recorded by myself, then from there things really began to take off.

What does music mean to you? What’s your inspiration?

Music genuinely means the world to me, it brings me a real sense of joy and freedom when creating. I’m inspired by everyday life and the joy of my family's faces when they press play on something i've created, no better joy honestly.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s genre-bending and genre-fluid. It’s pop, trap, dance, R&B, rock, PC music — hell, it’s even sometimes country music too! Black women in music are always expected to sing R&B or soul: we are always boxed in.

I’m always asked if I’m a soul singer and I say, ‘No, actually, I make very in-your-face, destructive pop that is all genres and everything at once.’ I try to study a genre I don’t really listen to on a day-to-day-basis because there is honestly inspiration everywhere: it’s best to go digging in places you don’t normally go.

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Tell us about your partnership with Captain Morgan? How did this come about?

This campaign is all about taking your time when it comes to enjoying a drink and I am the queen of pacing myself. You can moderate and be the life and soul of a party! 

The overall message is positive - the Captain Morgan team told me about Diageo’s goal to reach one billion people with a responsible drinking message and I found it inspiring to be a part of an influential movement that rings true to what I stand for.

They also talked about delivering it in a way that’s fun, full of spice and individuality which felt perfect for the type of artist I am. 

This is the brands biggest responsible drinking campaign. How do you feel about the brand choosing you?

I feel extremely honoured, and it's great to be a part of something that aligns with my real life values; I am a very responsible drinker, who always has moderation at the forefront of her mind when it comes to alcohol. I feel at home in this campaign and the Captain Morgan team are so lovely and take such great care of me. Super happy to be a part of this.

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What's next for you?

I’ve had a quite a hectic start to the year, I’ve already toured Europe, shot a brand campaign and an editorial cover, and endured fashion week commitments. But I’m excited to start tucking into new music and give my fans a new show with a whole new creative direction. With a busy year ahead, prayer and time to reflect also helped me prepare, along with daily fresh juices to help energy levels. Slowing down is super important to me before the lights come on and it’s show time.

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