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Overture restaurant closes after 15 years

Chef and owner of Overture restaurant, Bertus Basson, has announced the closure of its doors later this year.

The restaurant was named number 12 in Eat Out’s top 20 restaurants for 2019, with Basson also winning the S.Pellegrino Chef of The Year Award.

“Overture has survived and thrived for 15 years,” says Basson. “We celebrated many successes, worked hard, shed tears, survived Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, and baked thousands of soufflés.”

According to Eat Out, Basson says that the closure of the restaurant is due to the new owners of Hidden Valley wanting to steer the property in a different direction. The restaurant will stay open until 30 September.

Overture was Basson’s first restaurant, and he says some great culinary talents started their careers in the space. “Neither could I imagine that so many of you, our loyal patrons, would pass through our doors and keep returning for more. Our gratitude to you is unending,” he says.

Basson says that he has some exciting plans for the future that will be shared in due course.

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, the silver lining is shining bright. This is not goodbye but see you later. Onwards and upwards!” he says.

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