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#DesignIndaba2017: Emerging Creative Kgotso Letwaba

Kgotso Letwaba, founder of fashion label The After Skool Life and one of Design Indaba's Emerging Creatives, creates activewear informed by his love of sport and street art. We chat to him about design and authentic storytelling for #DesignMonth.

BizcommunityWhat’s your design claim to fame?

My design claim to fame would probably be re-inventing a basic oversized sweatshirt and giving it functional sportswear, with a sheer taste of luxury streetwear. I also try backing up what I do with good pictures.

#DesignIndaba2017: Emerging Creative Kgotso Letwaba

What inspires your designs?

I have strong background in sports, so I make what they couldn’t make for me while I was a sportsman. I come from Mamelodi and the dancers there used to wear the best sport luxe clothing, but my aesthetics are deeply rooted in sports and street culture.

How do you feel about being selected as one of Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives

It feels great. A couple years back I read about Laduma and Daniel Ting Chong being part of the segment and a few years later, I’m part of the class. It’s a dream come true .

Kgotso Letwaba
Kgotso Letwaba

How do you see design changing the world for the better?

Design can only change the world for the better if there is an authentic storytelling. The stories we tell through design can change people’s lives.

Tell us something that not many people know about you?

Deep down in my heart lies an engineer - a mechanic to be specific. I think about cars when I design clothes.

#DesignIndaba2017: Emerging Creative Kgotso Letwaba
#DesignIndaba2017: Emerging Creative Kgotso Letwaba

What’s your favourite emoji?

I’m not a fan, but a heart emoji always changes the mood between two people.

In a movie of your life, who would play you?

Tom Hanks. He’s such an enthusiast.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working new stuff now that will elevate my brand, but it’s always research first. I’m trying new ways of cooling the body with old tech materials.

#DesignIndaba2017: Emerging Creative Kgotso Letwaba

What advice would you give to other emerging creatives?

Hard work and more hard work with research.

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Design Indaba takes place from the 1-3 March at Artscape in Cape Town.

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