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Rocking the Daisies 2013 line-up announced

On the heels of an internationally recognised and sold-out 2012 festival, Rocking the Daisies announces another stellar 2013 line-up featuring four days of acts across seven official stages.
Rocking the Daisies 2013 line-up announcedFour of the world's finest international acts were confirmed earlier this year: Skunk Anansie, The Hives, alt-J and Boys Noize. Now it's time to announce some of SA's most successful and respected local artists who are confirmed to play at Rocking the Daisies 2013!

18:00 Carling Black Label Champion Band Search Winner

19:05 Momantss

20:10 Diamond Thug

21:15 Yo Grapes

22:20 Jakkals

23:20 The Dollfins

00:30 We Set Sail

13:00 Assembly Competition Winner

14:05 Converse Get Out of the Garage Winner

15:10 Beach Party

16:15 shortstraw

17:20 Hot Water

18:25 Gangs of Ballet

19:30 Goodluck

20:40 The Dirty Skirts

21:45 The Black Cat Bones

23:05 PH Fat

00:25 Kidofdoom

10:00 Two Minute Puzzle

11:05 The Nomadic Orchestra

12:10 Al Bairre

13:15 Mathew Gold

14:20 The Plastics

15:25 Woodstock Mafia

16:30 Hog Hoggidy Hog

17:35 Desmond and The Tutus

18:55 Spoek Mathambo

20:30 alt-J

22:10 The Hives

00:05 Skunk Anansie


Dubmasta China- Main Stage DJ

10:00 Captain Stu

11:00 Matthew Mole

12:00 Vodacom In the City Winner

12:00 Red Bull Studio Opening Act Winner

13:00 Sadhu Sensi

15:00 Robin Would

16:00 Julz Sanchez

17:00 Sir Vincent

18:00 Trancemicsoul

19:00 Thibo Tazz

20:00 Headphase

21:00 The Kiffness

22:00 Jack Parow

23:00 Ready D

00:00 Sibot

01:00 Niskerone

02:00 Das Kapital

03:00 Terrence Pearce


12:00 Kat La Kat

14:00 Bhashkar

15:00 Christian Tiger School

16:00 Stone Age Citizens

17:00 Gateway Drugs

18:00 Tha Cutt

19:00 Reason

20:00 Audiophile 021 feat. Youngsta

21:00 Shakers & Movers

21:05 Culoe de Song

22:00 Crazy White Boy

23:00 Chris Jack

00:00 Monique Pascall

01:00 Boys Noize

03:00 B_Type

04:00 The Fogshow

11:00 Spekta

12:30 Slow Release INC.

14:00 Gio & Zuluboy

15:30 Diggin4Dodge

17:00 Rob Toca & D'Ritmo

18:30 Dan C & Matt Blitz

20:00 Lady M & Richard Marshall

21:30 Zolabuddé


10:00 DJ Low

11:00 Fletcher in Dub

12:00 Pierre Estienne vs Warren Bokwe

13:30 Dakin Auret vs Coco Loco

15:00 Goldfish Submerged

16:30 Dean FUEL

18:00 Kanan K7 (BRA) vs Claudia Lovisa (ESP)


09:00 Edit & Run

10:00 Rebel Clef

11:30 Ashton Gardner vs M.A.R.Q

13:00 Rob Sloan feat. The Lazarus Man

14:30 Jimmy Chronic vs Nick Lumb

16:00 Floyd Lavine vs Tulzy

17:00 DJ Kangaroo


19:00 Desert Head

20:00 Yes in French

21:00 Bateleur

22:00 Moonchild

23:00 Jumping Back Slash

00:00 Big Space

01:00 Bombardier

02:30 Lt. Fizzer feat. Jamie Faull


12:30 Abavuki

13:30 Derek Gripper

14:30 Khoitrans

15:30 Bongeziwe Mabandla

16:30 Ras Haitrim (MOZ)

17:30 Fever Trails Ensemble

18:40 Trenton and Free Radical

20:00 DJ Mighty

22:00 Toby2shoes

00:00 Ma'original

02:00 DJ Danger Ingozi

20:00 - 21:00

Brendan Murray (Host)

Dylan Skews (Headliner)

Khanyiso Kenqa

Devin Grey

Kurt Langeveld

Pete Sserwanga


11:00 - 12:30

Paul Snodgrass (Host)

KG (Headliner)

Piet Potgieter

Dalin Olivier

Gino Fernandez

Shaun Fickling

16:30 - 18:00

Christopher Steenkamp (Host)

Deep Fried Man (Headliner)

Oliver Booth


Kellyn O

Nelson De Gouveia

20:30 - 21:30

Paul Snodgrass (Host)

Werner Weber (Headliner)

Gino Fernandez

Clynton Dunn

Pete Sserwanga

Bradford Keen


10:30 - 11:30

Christpher Steenkamp (Host)

Oliver Booth (Headliner)

Carl Weber

Angel Campey

Piet Potgieter

Dylan Skews

12:00 - 13:30

Rob Van Vuuren (Host)

Schalk Bezuidenhout (Headliner)

Deep Fried Man

Brendan Murray


17:00 Rhythm and Tide

18:00 Ottoman Slap

19:00 Blacklight Panda


12:15 Duke & Fir

13:15 Paige Mac

14:15 Left City

15:15 Flint, Meet Spark

16:15 LA.VI

17:15 The Little Kings

18:15 TouchWood

19:10 BobzyourUncle


07:00 DJ Pure

12:00 Trenton and Free Radical

14:00 Jews for Techno

There are still a few performance slots up for grabs at Rocking the Daisies this year! Click on the following links for more details on each band/DJ competition currently running:

Vodacom In the City - Sunday Closing Slot
Red Bull Studio Opening Act Winner
Carling Black Label Champion Band Search
The Assembly - Main Stage Opening Slot
Converse Get Out of the Garage - Main Stage Slot

In a few weeks our Gust Rocking the Daisies Festival App will be available for download! Once downloaded, you will be able to view the full line-up and create a schedule of your favourite artists.

For more information and artist bios please visit our website: and if you would like to listen to our full RTD set lists and get familiar with the music you will hear at the festival, please check out our SoundCloud account.

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