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Know these top five marketing trends to travel in 2017

With the advent of the internet and the whole world of opportunities that it has brought to us, the travel industry has gained momentum too. Marketers from all kinds of travel companies are making use of everyday apps on customers' smart devices to communicate the best deals and offers. With the maximum purchases happening online the travel industry is going completely digital to expand its business beyond expectations. Here are a few trends for the year 2017 that you need to watch out for.

Know these top five marketing trends to travel in 2017
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Mobile messaging for customer relations

With the growth of messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other such applications, travel companies are making use of these to reach out to each individual personally. Gone are the days when you advertised to the masses - it is a personal hello to a client that can bring in business. Staying connected with them and answering queries real time, the industry is all set to go a league ahead in brand communication.

Alluring with virtual reality

Companies across the globe are now designing communications that give customers an almost real experience of being at their facility. Virtual reality devices are like binocular vision of a future trip. For example, travellers can enjoy three-dimensional renditions of hotels and destinations and if this gets them excited enough, they are sure to go ahead in buy that holiday deal.

Facebook becomes the big daddy

With all websites, apps, and social media networks on one side, Facebook has proven to be the master of the internet space. Having more than a billion people constantly glued to their newsfeeds, this is one medium that is not to be left out. With amazing new features like the Facebook 360, Facebook Live and options to demarcate a target audience like no other, this is your key to be the successful one in the web world.

The wonder of live streaming

Social media has reached a stage where anyone can do anything to communicate. A big revolution is the live features of most social media apps today. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a few others have made it possible for the most recent happening to be spread across the world without much preparation. Launch a new offer or flaunt a new section of your hotel, it can all happen with a click at any time you wish - the online world is waiting for you to communicate. Further, you also start receiving instant feedback to work upon your weaknesses.

The growth of Airbnb

With its core in providing the most sought after alternative accommodation, this is one website one needs to watch out for. They are moving ahead with an intention to flood you with a lot more of information. Allowing you to stay at private residences, Airbnb is about to open new possibilities for other businesses around stay locations to advertise their services. A real game changer in the field of travelling, this website is known for innovation and will bring in a few more this year.

So if travelling is more than a priority to you as a business or a traveller, both can make good use of these trends to find profitable ways to make your mission a success.

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