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Harness the power of referrals with ReferU

ReferU, a brand new, Cape Town-based, employee referral platform, is innovating recruitment by harnessing the power of employee referrals. The online platform streamlines the employee referral process and makes it easier and quicker for everyone involved. By automating and streamlining the referral process, ReferU allows businesses to increase the number of referrals they receive from their staff as well as reduce the cost and time of hiring.
So how does the platform work?

Harness the power of referrals with ReferU
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HR and the hiring manager can quickly create a new job ad and with a click of a button distribute it to their staff for them to share to their personal networks. The company’s staff get an email notifying them of the new vacancy and, through ReferU, can very quickly share the job ad to their personal networks via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email and even WhatsApp. This streamlined process means the job ad is more actively shared than traditional referral programs and this results in a broader reach and ultimately more referrals.

Once the company’s staff have shared the job ad, their peers and contacts apply directly to them. Referrers then rate and review applicants with ReferU’s innovative candidate rating system. When creating a new job ad, HR and the hiring managers can set critical skills for the vacancy and referrers rate the candidate on each of these predefined skills. Candidates are then given a 5-star rating before being referred to HR and the hiring manager, making it quick and easy to view the top talent at a glance.

In addition, ReferU offers a lite applicant tracking system as well as a fully automated employee referral platform. Best of all the company only pays for a successfully placed candidate and ReferU pays all the referral fees. Companies can either stipulate a specific referral fee for a role or opt for the out-the-box ReferU referral fee structure, but either way, ReferU pays the referrer.

Harness the power of referrals with ReferU

Highlights of the platform
  • ReferU is a lite applicant tracking system and fully automated employee referral platform
  • Staff can quickly and easily share a job ad to their personal network in under two minutes
  • ReferU has an innovative candidate rating system
  • Companies only pay for successfully placed candidates and get a three-month guarantee
  • Generous referral fee payouts - typically ranging from R6,000 to R40,000 per referral
  • ReferU pays the referral fee to the referrer

Referrals are widely regarded as the most successful source of candidates with countless studies showing they are cheaper and quicker to hire, they remain in the company for longer and referrals promote stronger company culture. With such major benefits, companies both big and small should be looking at maximising their referrals and what better way to do that than using an extremely innovative, new, home-grown platform called ReferU.

For a demo of the platform or further information visit or contact ReferU’s founder at oi.urefer@gerg.

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