TNT Express in Pakistan wins All Books Plus contract

KARACHI, PAKISTAN: TNT Express in Pakistan has signed a one year shipping service agreement with All Books Plus.
TNT Express in Pakistan wins All Books Plus contract

All Book Plus is one of the largest book sellers in Pakistan dealing in books distribution around the globe.

Under this agreement, TNT Express in Pakistan will be responsible for delivering all consignments on behalf of All Books primarily to Europe and the Far East.

Muhammad Iqbal Ghaziyan, Managing Director of ALL Books Plus in Pakistan said: "Our clients expect accuracy when it comes to delivery time, we are dealing with high volumes movements and it's very crucial in our business to avoid delivery failure, which can only be guaranteed by having a reliable logistic provider like TNT Express".

Mirza Mushraf Baig, Country Manager for TNT Express in Pakistan said: "We proposed a custom made solution that largely outstripped the competition and offered the right answers to All Book Plus complex logistics needs. It's indeed a challenging assignment considering the online store sensitiveness toward enhanced transit times that the competition struggled to meet."

James Edgeworth, TNT Express Middle East Sales and Marketing Director commented: "TNT Express in Pakistan represented by NTL Pvt. Ltd offered to All Books Plus a cost-effective solution combined with the fastest international transit times ,our unique competitive advantage position us far ahead of the competition and will enable us to expand and diversify our portfolio and boost our exports volumes. "

Since 1980, TNT Express in Pakistan is represented by NTL (Pvt) Ltd, the company is one of the leading domestic delivery providers in Pakistan, and has 54 branches over the territory.

The Express delivery provider has evolved from offering a limited express delivery service to a comprehensive product line for the international Market.

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