Kenya's National Social Security Fund rebrands

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Kenya's social security provider has rebranded.
The new logo
The new logo
The new brand highlights the fund's commitment to maintain world-class corporate governance standards, adopt cost effective information communication technology solutions and enhance customer service delivery.

The new corporate identity will be anchored on a new logo and slogan - 'Growing you. For good'. This rebrand is timely as the fund deals with cases of misappropriation of funds and political interference.

The old logo
The old logo
The ongoing NSSF rebranding exercise involves a one month campaign that started early September with internal communication activities targeting NSSF staff on the fund's new direction to embrace a new customer centered service delivery spirit. The campaign is now being rolled out progressively across NSSF branches in Kenya.

Remains customer focused

At the launch of the new brand, Tom Odongo, the NSSF managing trustee, revealed that the fund will be commissioning an Information Technology system by November to ensure that member accounts are duly credited and updated. This is expected to reduce its benefits settling turnaround time.

"The new spirit of NSSF dictates that we must remain customer focused and act in the best interest of our members," Odongo said.

Early September, NSSF started the rebrand campaign with a public communication campaign called Sawazisha (loosely translated in English to mean update). The campaign targeted members of NSSF urging them to scrutinize their account status to ensure that their balances correspond to their respective statements of accounts. From these efforts, the fund's suspense accounts reduced to KSh 3.1 billion from KSh 7 billion. The suspense account held members un-credited dues.

The ongoing strategic rebranding exercise is expected to set the stage for the funds institutional transformation. Following the rebrand, NSSF will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, Monday 17 September 2012, to further confirm the adoption of new corporate governance practices.

Among other elements, stakeholders including NSSF members shall during the AGM get a firsthand glimpse on NSSF's financial statements and investment mix.

NSSF Transformation Bill 2012

In recent weeks, NSSF has been actively engaging various stakeholders in view of mopping support for the proposed NSSF Transformation Bill 2012 set to be tabled in parliament in coming months.

Already, NSSF has received the backing of both the Federation of Kenya Employers and the Central Organisation of Trade Unions in its bid to facilitate a smooth sail for the draft National Social Security Bill 2012.

NSSF's transformation bill is consistent with government policy and the tenets of the new Constitution of Kenya (Section 43) that gives every Kenyan a right to social security. The draft bill seeks to expand NSSF's coverage and enhance the range of benefits within reasonable economic grounds.

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