"No" to enterprise mobility; two conflicting forces...

Difference of opinions is not a new thing - and this occurrence is extremely common in the business world. Everyone has their own perspective, own set of problems, and own methodology to deal with and resolve problems.
Every organisation has these two conflicting forces: an IT manager and a business leader. They seldom think alike and their views clash at some point in time or usually all the time. These clashes typically come up when the business leader suggests or initiates something new or different from the trend (read technological tool here) whereas the IT manager has to invariably reject the proposition as he or she finds it not at all feasible. The most common scenario or fierce confrontation that takes place is while deciding about consulting - acquiring and implementing a solution.

"No" to enterprise mobility; two conflicting forces...

Conflicting forces

Business leader
o Mobility is a most obvious choice when considered from the business perspective.
o Mobility solutions give business associates the power to deal with and bring the solutions first hand
o Enterprise Mobility Management Services aims to offer solutions that help you identify and take sensible steps or well informed decisions at any given point of time and place, to handle grievances and complaints.
o That's precisely the reason why Enterprise Mobility Consulting in India puts an emphasis on mobile work culture for every business house and every individual business professional.

IT professional
o IT set-ups within the organisation constantly work under pressure to support applications, along with delivering advanced capabilities and ensuring cost-effectiveness at the same time.
o Time and again various surveys have shown that cost has always been a substantial element that prevents IT people from readily adopting enterprise mobility.
o Other than money, what comes in way of Enterprise Mobility Management Services is security concerns. In fact, it is one of the biggest and deadliest challenges. Now, the question is why is security such a big "irresistible" force?
o Undoubtedly, enterprise security is a natural yet complex issue that needs immediate attention. Multinationals or locals, huge or small, many companies have complicated IT environments having numerous systems and several kind of authentication.
o Moreover, companies dealing in specific verticals or industries have their specifically customised regulations to protect and preserve their data. All this and other things have created a very hazy and confused picture for IT people.

Overall view
o In order to make things fall into their appropriate places, business leaders, the IT departments and of course the Enterprise Mobility Solution provider need to take in account a broader picture of business feasibility and sustainability while they also need to try and ponder over the after-effects of any specific change or addition.
o The conflicts and problems are aggravated by the pace at which the dynamic market changes and dominates the technological arena.
o Over the last few years, cloud-based systems have witnessed considerable growth and simultaneously mobile phones and platforms have also experienced record high in updates.
o This comes in with its own set of threats... Every other day we hear of new cyber-attacks that shake the IT structure and threaten the data security. One of my previous articles "Elite Hackers Are at Work - Is Your Organization Safe from Massive Cyber Attack??? Sony Pictures were NOT" gives a better insight about all those unforeseen and unpleasant incidents and how to handle them, which I have highlighted here.

'No' is not a choice
Provided both the complexity of the problem and the pace of change, it becomes very difficult to weigh down the risk factors. At the top of the risk scale, data breaches cost executive jobs and, worse, can even take down the entire company.

While on the other hand many companies are already providing mobile access, as a matter of fact it's hard to even imagine a modern company that is not equipped with any mobile or email solution. Now, the question is how can these security concerns be addressed and how can companies make the most of IT with Enterprise Mobility?
o Initiate the implementation of your Enterprise Mobility Solutions with small experiments - one can start with involvement of limited number of users and take up very simple activities, though they might seem silly.
o Moreover, whenever you are looking at the two overpowering forces of enterprise mobility, it's noteworthy to consider the most powerful impact that one of the conflicting forces provides in terms of business value.
o Do not forget that in current global market scenario, when competition is getting tougher, happy and productive workers are hard to find and retain, but one can do so by offering them enhanced comfort zone to perform and outperform with help of Enterprise Mobility Management Services.
o If you are deeply in love with your business and your anything and everything is at risk, you would certainly agree that nothing is a "RISK" when you can out-perform your competitors with help of customised Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

To conclude I would say that there are more probabilities that you may not find your business leader and IT leaders in complete agreement with each other, however; I guarantee that both of them will agree to the fact that saying "No" to Enterprise Mobility is not the right choice.

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